Introducing Easycap...
Easycap is the ingenious device which links your PC up to any video device with RCA connector or S-Video connector, such as VHS, VCR, DVD, TV, DV, analog camcorder, camera. Use Easycap to cheaply transfer your old VHS recordings to PC and burn to DVD. Protect your precious memories from old camcorder tapes. Record your videogames exploits. The possibilities are endless with Easycap!
Aug 2

If you have just purchased a EasyCap to record games on your Wii, here is quick guide to getting it up and running very quickly. A few extra Items you will want to purchase are 2 or 3  phono splitters
for this tutorial i will use just 2 splitters.

This will enable you to play the console on your TV whilst recording the game on your laptop or PC

phono splitters

phono splitters

2 sets of phono extension cables

phono extension leads

phono extension leads

Now from the Easycap connect 1 set of the phono extension leads to the correct colours yellow on yellow for Video the other end connects to 1of the phono splitters

Repeat with the white cable and the other cable splitter, itshould now look like below

phono to splitter

phono from easycap to splitter

take the second set of phono extension cables and connect yellow(video) to the splitter, the white cable (audio) connects to the other splitter with the white cable

phono leads to splitter

both phono leads connected to splitter

The other end of the extension cables goes to your TV, select the correct channel for the AV leads. Now you will need to connect the Wii AV cables to the splitter, following the same trend as before yellow (video) to the splitter with the other video cables, and white (audio)cables to the splitter with the white cables connected. You should now have this setup below

3 AV cables connected to the splitter

3 AV cables connected to the splitter

Now power on your Wii, you should see the picture on your TV screen, check you are on the correct channel for the AV cables.

If your based in the UK make sure the WII is set to PAL 50hz

Launch the Ulead software and follow the following steps

click capture

click capture

select capture video

click capture video

click here

click options, select video and audio capture settings

audio and video property settings

For PAL systems make sure you have these settings

Check the following is the same aswell

Check the the capture tab has the same settings

If you have any problems with setting this up on your wii feel free to leave comments i will try and resolve the problems your having