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  1. Ish Says:


    I can not install the driver for easycap on my computer even through the CD. Can you please advise how can i do that?

  2. Dinkumdaddy Says:

    I have the same problem. The CD asks that XP service pack 2 is installed first, then aborts setup. But I am on aready on SP3.

  3. Eugene Says:

    I can not install the driver for easycap on my computer even through the CD. Can you please advise how can i do that?

  4. Katie Says:

    Hi i recently purchased this to transfer 8mm tapes from video player to dvd. . . i can get it to connect and play on the computer through the Easy cap but when i come to capture it claims there is a probelm and then only captures in black and white . . why and how do i fix it?

  5. jon sharp Says:

    where can I download drivers for easycap video grabber ?

  6. Marcio Nunes de Oliveira Says:


    4 my clients could not install and color;


    => It does not color in the video, first installed as a pal, ntsc certodepois did not also did not work, I put a standard camcorder ntscque is filamdora and I use to kill the doubt I put too umdvd outside and continued to black and white image. beyond the installation has the option to change font origin ntsc s palpate change, but n ~] to work out, I used the notebook

    => Hello
    I wonder where can I get more information about installing the software of the USB audio / video EasyCap, which in my PC Window XP SP3, it did not work.

    => If you can infpormações I thank her for unused pq I could not install the CD does not help

    => My card is not colored, you know how to capture color?
    I tried to set things in

    You can solve our my customers?

    You have manual Portuguese here BRAZIL


    Marcio Nunes de Oliveira Ben

  7. Marcio Nunes de Oliveira Says:


    4 my clients could not install and color;



    1) => It does not color in the video, first installed as a pal, did not work after ntsc also did not work, I put a standard NTSC camera is the camera I use to kill and to put doubt also an external dvd and continued to black and white image. beyond the installation has the option to change font origin ntsc s palpate change, but it did not work, I used the notebook


    2) => Hello
    I wonder where can I get more information about installing the software of the USB audio / video EasyCap, which in my PC Window XP SP3, it did not work.


    3) => If you can infpormações I thank her to no use because I could not install the CD does not help


    4) => My card is not colored, you know how to capture color?
    I tried to set things in


    You can solve our my customers?

    You have manual Portuguese here BRAZIL


    Marcio Nunes de Oliveira Ben

  8. steve grimmond Says:

    I cannot install software as it asks me to install xp version 2 pack, then aborts although I have version 3 already. Is there a way around this ?

  9. david Says:

    i need to know where to get the software and drivers i lost them

  10. Daniel Says:

    was working with windows 7 32bit but can’t find driver for windows 7 64bit…

  11. Joshua Redding Says:

    my easycap has everything installed but doesnt recod anything when i put it on my computer it just shows a black screen
    ive connected it via usb and the red, blue and yellow wies but not the black one because i dont know where it is usd on a ps3

  12. the small yet mighty mark Says:

    I bought an easyC(r)AP on ebay a few days ago. it cost £6.88 inc. shipping from hong kong. it installed and worked fine, but there is lots (and i mean lots- you can hear it over music played into the input) of noise in the audio sinanal, solid horizontal lines became wavey if they moved, and unless you set it on 165*220 (or something like that) then after five miniutes it says there is an error which may be that you have run out of disk space and stops recording. It seems that if its plugged in to one port on the root hub, the computer thinks that all ports on the root hub are usb 1.0! when its unplugged they all show up as 2.0 again. i took it apart and connected 10uf capacitors across all 7 power pins on the adc chip and it works slightly better (apart from the cutting opu after 5 mins:>( ). the only slight problem is now i cant get the board back in its case… verdict: unless you want to speand 90% of your time modding it and not captureing videos, dont bother-its just not worth it.

  13. Glen Says:

    hello i have installed it on 64 bit vista i get video but i cant get any sound it shows its working in usb sound propeties any help?

  14. Maulik Soni Says:

    Hi, I purchased EasyCap.
    I installed all drivers etc…
    I wanted to use my Canon Powershot camera as a webcam.
    But when captured, the picture is green & very blurred, one can not identify an object. Large macro blocks, but all green.
    Driver only shows option of 160×120 resolution, but my camera supports more. On PAL, driver shows that it detects signal with 625 lines, but no proper video is coming.
    Also tried NTSC, same result.

  15. Graham Clark Says:

    Hi.Great product.Managed to capture most of my old VCR tapes.
    Now i am trying to capture Vinyl records onto MP3.I Need some advise as i have tried but cant see to get it right.Easy cap captuer the sound using the vcr settings but how do i get it to MP3 ?

  16. AJ Says:

    i tried to capture tv on the computer but all i’ve got is green screen :( . what shall i do, how can fixed it .. please help

  17. James R Says:

    I have a problem. My disc drive is broken so I cannot install easycap through it. Is there any other way I can download it?

  18. Mike Says:

    i am having a problem with my easycap i have installed the software and tryed to capture video via my TV & video al i get is a black and white screen i have vista on my laptop can you help me

  19. Jonathon Lubenec Says:

    I bought the capture card, but when i used the CD to install it it turns out the CD is blank. looking for somewhere where i can download the installation and application software. Please help.

  20. AgedTramp Says:

    For EasyCAP drivers, go to their main site:

    Select Software download (Last in the list of options on the left of the page).

    Select the device you need the drivers for and download.

    You’ll need a decompressor. I’m not sure if the built-in one in windows can do .rar files, since I’ve never used it. I use either Winzip or Winrar, both have trial programs available from any shareware site.

    Decompress, and install. Save the file somewhere safe, you may need it again.

    Hope this helps.

  21. Allen Harington Says:

    Wherecan I find drivers for Vista. The disk that came with the EasyCAP does not support VISTA drivers.

    Allen H

  22. Adam L. Says:

    Hi there, I have lost my key to get the program that came with my easycap 2.0 installed, I bought mine on ebay awhile back and i don’t if the seller can help me. what do i do about this? Is there a way i can get my program running again? Thanks in advance for any help given.

  23. Daniel Says:

    hi the software that came with my capture card doesnt work, and programs that i download dont show what s on my TV its just black

  24. Daniel Says:

    also it didnt come with ulead video studio, it came with smart video capture

  25. ann Says:

    is easy cap only for use with camcorders? i want to put vidfeos onto dvd;s can this product do that?

  26. Linda Wilkins Says:

    Hi there
    I have installed the easycap 8 times onto my Vista but it keeps saying that the driver is not installed. I am trying to take films from my Cannon 8mm video camcorder on to my computer so that I can copy onto DVD, but I cannot getr any further.
    Any help would be much appreciated.
    Many thanks,

  27. Kevy Says:

    Where can I find the drivers for easy cap? It seems many have asked with NO response

  28. norma Says:

    i have installed easycap modelDC60, it says that the driver is not installed & it doesnot seem to recognise my connection to my video can any body help

  29. Mithun Says:

    hello , i got a esaycap
    i installed every softwar wich came with the cd and i connected the cables to my tv and i can’t get any display on my pc it says no signal plz help

  30. Brand New purchase Says:

    No registration code supplied with CD.
    Very difficult to communicate with supplier.

  31. Tony Says:

    Grabber works ok and will capture in colour but will only record for 5 mins or so before telling me it has run out of disk space. Ive been through all the settings but cant resolve the problem. Can you help

  32. william Says:

    i successfully copied my vidio via my capture device but when i burned it to my disc it pick up audio but not vidio any ideas

  33. Mick Says:

    Hi. Seems like i have the same problem re the usb video grabber. My lap top recognises the hardware but when i try and load the application / software disc it won’t work. Prompt tells me to download the driver software from the manufactures web site ???? Using windows Vista. Help

  34. mark shelbourne Says:

    it is quite obvious that you have no intent in supplying proper drivers for this ….how many people have asked you …I have one of these easy cap and I still cant get it to work ….Being honest if you cannot support th after care dont sell them …..a responce for all those who have asked for drivers would be nice

  35. Barry Says:

    I endorse what Mark said, I am on windows 7 and I too are having problems with the driver.
    Will someone be positive and answer the problem

  36. Simon Says:

    Under windows 7 64bit I cannot get the audio driver to work the device works and so does the video part but there seems to be a problem with the audio. will there be windows 7 drivers for the usb 6821 video capture

  37. arno Says:

    need windows xp drivers for the easy cap found some but don’t work.
    please help me out here!!
    i m getting realy agrivated with this purchase!

  38. Peter Says:

    Worked fine in Windows XP3. Computer failed beyond economic repair so now have an up to date unit with Windows 7 64 Bit, Home edition. Easycap does not work in 64 Bit version, but have seen it working on a 32 Bit system. Require new drivers please for 64 Bit version.

  39. alex Says:

    hi, i just got an easy-cap 2.0 to record from my xbox to my computer, i already installed the software and everything, but im open the application im not getting the syntek stk1150 option, the only two options i get are: video camera…. and tv source.

    im being searching in the internet for hours but i still
    dont get any solution, i hope you have one.

    by the way, when i conect the easy i got an mesage saying that windows needs to install deiver software for your usb 2.0 video capture controller, but it never finds anything, not even when i check manually

  40. Jack mcloughlin Says:

    I have recenly bought easycap and i live in the uk I have tryed different settings but i don’t get a picture at all on pal And it is black and white on Ntsc Help what do i Do????

  41. Jo Says:

    What am i doing wrong? Easy Cap is in the USB socket in my laptop, i have the red, yellow and white cables going from there to the back of the scart adaptor which goes into the scart socket on the back of the Video player. I also have the S-video cable going from the Easy Cap to the scart adaptor. The adaptor has a switch that says in and out but neither seems to make a difference. Plugged in video player and pressed play. With all the wires and drivers sucessfully in, It just shows a few white lines, no noise and that it. The lines don’t change either???

  42. Andrea Says:


  43. Alejandro Padron Says:

    Ok this things messed up ok i downloaded Everything that came with the EasyCap then i got the cables hooked up and everything then when i try to record it says before even recording Ulead has stoped working and just close down. Ive tryed reinstalling it but it keeps happening anyone gotta any advise????

  44. SIDEWINDER Says:

    Well I need 64bit windows 7 drivers when someone gets around to it please because mine will not capture at all. The capture options will not even light up and it says capture device not installed haha.
    Thanks for any help here……

  45. SIDEWINDER Says:

    O and the little green light dose not come on at all on the unit.

  46. Ryan Says:

    i’ve lost the disc and product key that comes with the easycap what should i do?

  47. Nikhil Patel Says:

    Every time I start up the software my PC keeps on restarting

  48. Richard Swainson Says:

    Im trying to use the easycap to record on my xbox. I have installed the VideoStudio and the driver. I bought a scart adapter and male to male av/rca cables and have connected it all up but it cannot find an input signal. Do you know what I am doing wrong?

  49. Rico Says:

    Is there a driver that supports Windows 7?

  50. Carl Says:

    I have recently bought a laptop which has windows 7 on it. I also purchased an Ezcap dc60+, thinking that it would be compatible with Windows 7 as others have made videos giving the settings etc on Youtube. When i inserted the Cd that came with it, I clicked on Install Driver but all it did was freeze. I also tried it with my other computer which has Windows Xp, it also froze. I bought it from Amazon thinking that it wouldn’t be a fake. Any suggestions? Thanks.

  51. Carlos Lopes Says:

    I have installed easycap model DC60, it says that the driver is not installed. Can anybody help?

  52. Ali Says:

    Hi,I installed easycap DC60 with all ulead software and driver, I conects to VCR using scart to 3 RC male connectors, I did not get signal, is it the wrong scar connector that caused it?is there schematic diagram to shows the correct wiring diagram for the correct connection from scart to easycap?thanks

  53. bob Says:

    easy cap wont install on windows 7 x64…and im getting pissed.

  54. Brady Says:

    Hi, I installed my DC60 and tryed connecting it to my xbox,it kinda works but with NTSC i get it in black and white, and in PAL its the right colour but the screens kinda mashed, have a look:

    And fixes??

  55. Steve Says:

    I have recently upgraded to Windows 7 (64 bit) and just received my EasyCAP 10.0. I am unable to get it to install the driver for it. Can you send me the Win 7 64 driver for this?

  56. John van Dokkumburg Says:

    Hello , i have had the same problem with Easycap usb device , the software could find the device . – but i found the course and solution.. It is easy as can be ,dont use the installer in the cd for install. the SKT1150 our SKT1160 driver but instead this , go to the configuration centre in windows and look into the hardware section and find it . If you see a ? our something like that , – go to open it and let windows search (update) for the driver automaticly (look forthis on your CD our HD for the driver ) . Then you have it automaticly and all is done within a minute ! I use ulead video software and i found the SKT1150 .

    Good luck ,


  57. Dis Apointed Says:

    Why do people bother to ask for help her? There is never going to be good answer from any support, because there is no support!! Nowhere…as long as people by this crappy product, the sellers will be happy! I have never bought a more worthless product…ever!

  58. abz Says:

    i have a problem with my easycap when i use it with my PS3, quality + color is great, but it cuts out bits of the screen, please help :D

  59. Dave Says:

    Make sure the switch is set to ‘IN’ (not ‘OUT’). Extend your screen saver longer than the length of time you wish to record – or temporarily disable screen saver. I copied a 3hour VHS tape ok – and produced a .wmv file.
    I now have trouble burning to DVD. Any ideas?

  60. Ali Says:

    So basically I record but the recording looks funny when movement occurs, you can see weird lines across the video, any solutions?

  61. Gizmo Says:

    Got the gadget to work with XP but upgraded to win 7… need drivers can anybody help??????????????

  62. Jerome Says:

    The light won’t come up, it used to work before but now it doesn’t work.

  63. Liam Says:

    Well, My Easycap Works Fine. But The Only Thing That Stops Me From Using It Often Is That When I Use The Cables Needed For It To Work, My HDTV Quality Looks TERRIBLE, I Cant Play Games While Playing As The Game Goes All Blurry. Any Ideas?

  64. Harvey Chard-Tuckey Says:

    hi, i want to record my games on my xbox 360 using the easycap usb recorder , I have got my lead from my xbox going into 3 splitters which have two females and one male end on them. then i have got a normal double ended red/yellow/white cable also coming from the splitters going into my scart adapter which is plugged into my tv. when i go on my comp and load up the capture wizard sound comes out fine but there is no picture on the laptop and when i try to capture it says there no input detected ?
    please can you help me and tell me why i have got no picture, and cannot record?
    thanks, harvey

  65. Ashley Says:

    i Recently bought a Easycap and i Installed it (took me a while) and a Pink Line at the bottom Appears any help?

  66. waterhorse2000 Says:

    I had trouble getting a picture on my pc when capturing from my vhs player. The problem was the red yellow and white leads, also the scart plug. I tried several different ones until, hey presto! I captured! Also capture with the option to show audio when capturing, it will show 2 channels (stereo). One of my leads was faulty and only sent audio on one channel until I changed it.

  67. michael Says:

    Hi, I upgraded my system to win 7 and need alternate drivers now.

  68. chris Says:

    i lost my serial number. how can i get it back or get another serial number?

  69. tommy Says:

    I can not install the driver for easycap on my computer even through the CD. Can you please advise how can i do that?

  70. rubbish Says:

    the ulead software conflicts with windows movie maker also other video editing software eg:pinnacle

  71. ammar Says:

    i need a sports streamer who uses easy cap if u have easy cap and sports channels on tv contact me on livefootballtv.ulmb.com

  72. lucian Says:

    hi. i just bought an easycap capture device and i need drivers for windows 7 64bit version.
    easycap is model no: DVL810
    thank you

  73. Dave Williams Says:

    Just got this load of crap, the driver will not load onto a Vista 64bit system or my laptop windows 7, tried everything from harware configuration to searching the internet for compatible drivers, NONE, the support is non existant, I will be returning this to Amazon with a recommendation that it is removed from its web site

  74. harrison Says:

    How do I connect the easy cap device to the xbox360?

  75. harrison Says:

    what other things do i need

  76. John D Says:

    I have installed XP Office SP2 but still cannot instal drivers. Any ideas?

  77. Giles core Says:

    i lost my easycap driver and now my computer wont reconize my easycap and i checked ebey and the dont have the disk driver

  78. mcfcguvnors Says:

    i have an easy cap from ebay-the cd crawls!!! its not valid dig sig+has 2 heuristic viruses(im not a noob +no i dont use avg) if this site comes up as main on google?-wheres the ACTUAL company?(as this is unoff etc)
    where can i get a valid disc? download etc?

  79. Anthony Says:

    Hi, I belive I have installed the device correctly. The problem is whe the install is finishd, I get message saying ‘CANNOT START DEVICE’. My computer reconises it but puts a nice yellow exclamation mark on it. As nice as the eclamation mark is, I would like it removed so I can use it.

    I have also tried to install various other drivers off the net but I keep getting the same result. I’ve also tried ammending the *.inf file for each driver set I’ve downloaded but still no joy. I’m using xp media center edition SP3

    Any ideas?

  80. sebastian Says:

    i need help i have everything connect for my xbox 360 and i get audio but no video or visual plzzz help

  81. robert Says:

    hi can anyone help
    recently i brough a easycap i installed it and then i have the unclear problem, sorted that out by buying the scart adaptor.
    i get a signal but the picture is green and purple square and no sound
    can anyone advise me

  82. Braam Says:

    I have a customer with the EasyCap DC60, she has Vista and the CD does not have Vista or Win7 Drivers. Now, I’ve seen a lot of people posting here that they need the Vista and Win7 drivers but I dont see any reply from any Admin or Support, when will there be some answers? “EASYCAP PROBLEMS PLEASE GO TO FORUM” and then there’s no answer?

  83. Braam Says:

    Wow, I finally post some help and the Admins remove my post, it’s almost like they dont want anyone to use their product on anything else but XP. Anyway, here’s another try, you’ll find the driver on my website. www dot pclee dot de

  84. Danny Williams Says:

    hello, i have been on the forums and it says that any item called easy cap is a copy and you should buy only ezCAP but on the link provided on the website to amazon this product is called easy cap so i am a little confused about buying this product….

    also does this product support windows 7 home premium 64bit?

  85. Boggis Says:

    Nowhere can I see instructions on how to stitch the hardware together suitable for a non-techie, ie. me.
    I want to capture mainly TV recordings on cassettes. I have a panasonic VCR, a Easycap widget with 4 input leads and USB extension lead, a PC with USB ports. The 4 leads compared with the back of VCR suggest I am a few valves short of a receiver (ok, yes, I’m 73). Is there something missing? How do I hook up? Please help me!!!

  86. Mo Says:

    I’m trying to record from Xbox 360 but having multiple problems, Firsty i can only get colour on any of the video settings at Pal50, this is a problem because 90% of all xbox games are Pal60 which i can only get to work in black and white.

    Second problem is i can record video but it takes roughly 1GB per 30 seconds of footage! then when i run out of hard drive space the video cuts off and gives me loads of errors.

    I’d appreciate if i can get a solution to the 60hz Pal problem first because then i can use an external program to capture video from my screen.

  87. steve Says:

    I installed easy cap sucessfully on my laptop with some help from youtube. I have recorded a vhs tape to dvd. However the dvd will not play in our dvd player. The recorded dvd is dvd-R and the dvd player supports this format. When recording I set the recording format to DVD. Why is this. Do I need to change some settings? Look forward to any help anyone can give me.

  88. maranajack Says:

    Give up on working EasyCAP DC60 working with Win 7 or any drivers for it!! Been around the inet horn looking, even tried USB2.0 ATV (which installed, but no video to capture on Ulead s/w). Works fine with my other older XP SP3 laptop, but no dice on Win 7…looks like nobody will get support from OEM on here..very sad

  89. maranajack Says:

    BTW, downloaded several zips/torrents/etc. with supposed 64 bit drivers—all files in archives are dated 2006 or earlier…dont waste your time!

  90. louis Says:

    i change something on this soft ware then it will start to load then it says not responding it will stay like that do i need a new disk please help :D

  91. Bobrob80 Says:

    I am trying to convert vhs with my easy cap. I do not know what setting I should have the options on, some of the vhs are in LP and some are converted previously from cine film.
    also It keeps coming up with an unexpected error and I have no idea what this is.

    Please can somebody help

  92. Bobrob80 Says:


  93. nick Says:

    i got my EasyCap capture card today and i did not get a installation disk. is there a way i could get that CD. i need it to set up my capture card

  94. Andy Lewis Says:

    Re Easycap, the drivers have installed correctly unfortunately I cannot get any images. On the Sanyo camcorders I am using, there are only yellow and white orifices. Please Help.

  95. John Says:

    Okay so check this out….I get a blank cd with nothing on it but just free space…I demand some answers or a replacement cd because i paid good money

  96. Ted Says:

    I got solution, thanks to Mr. Braam ! (no. 82). You must try..
    “website. www dot pclee dot de”

  97. sean Says:

    hi i had my easycap set up with my xbox about 4 months ago and then my computer broke and i had to remove everything off it to fix it and now my easycap wont work. i installed the drivers and the device is reconised but whan i go to record the screen is black can someone help me?

  98. Mayur Says:


    I also can not install the driver for easycap on my computer even through the CD. Can you please advise how can i do that?

  99. estevão Says:

    não consigo instalar o drive de captura. gostaria de saber o que devo fazer pra resolver esse problema…

  100. liam goodyear Says:

    i have the easycap 2.0 and im using it om my vista laptop and i cant get any of the drivers any one know where i can get them .thanks

  101. jason Says:

    where can i buy the software seperately

  102. Johnny Boy Says:

    Can’t believe all the complaints – if I’d seen this forum first I wouldn’t have purchased the item. As it is I bought it 2 days ago & have spent the time trying to figure out what is wrong with it. Thanks manufacturers for a non- working piece of rubbish. Rot in hell moneygrubbers

  103. Alexandre Says:

    Does easycap works with USB 2.0 only?

  104. Jake Says:

    OK, I bought an Easycap 2.0 online, and hooked it up to my PS3 and my computer. I got a picture, but when I record, I get no sound. I tried playing the file outside of the uLead program, but it still has no sound. Also, the AV cables are fine, because when I hook up the PS3 to my TV, it works fine. Any help? Thanks!

  105. dan Says:

    when i try to record in PAL-60, i select the pal setting on the ulead studio and then it just freezes and i cant record,

    plzzz help

  106. Feidhlim Says:

    when i put the easycap usb 2.0 capture card, m0del: DC60 CD into the laptop, it says that their is nothing on the CD. what do i do..

  107. Antonikku Says:

    When I select Capture it freezes and I have to restart my PC (Athlon 2200+, 1GB Ram, ATI Radeon 9250 256 MB). I’ve tried lot of times after formatting and installing XP etc.: always the same problems arise.
    With my laptop Compaq 6710 I can view and can record, but audio and video are misaligned with audio arriving 4-5 secoonds later then video.
    I’ve checked in the CD I’ve benn given and drivers are marked stk1150 while XP recognizes the USB device as stk1160: I’ve visited the site of the producer of the chip (Syntek) and have discovered that stk1160 is no longer produced and that no drivers are available.
    Not at all satisfied with this device: I do not suggest to buy it.

  108. adler Says:

    i cant install the driver through the cd please help it just says programe not responding i have vista

  109. Jeff Says:

    how can i get a download for window 7

  110. sampath Says:

    Dear sir,

    I having Dell Latitude/ATG E 64oo computer . And I having a problem when I fix the USB capture (EasyCAP) . After installing drivers and when I going to open it there is a error with the blue screen in computer and asking to restart. Y..? Please I need quick solution.

    Thank You !


  111. Jordan Says:

    Hi,Ive bought an EasyCAP but its only recording my xbox gameplay in black and white. Can you help please?

  112. Dave Says:

    Hi there

    I can’t get my EasyCap to work with my computer. I just keep getting the ‘No input signal….’ message up, and when I tested it with one of those TV computer game systems (C64 type) I still got nothing. Just wondering if either my EasyCap isn’t working at all or if I need new drivers? Any help would be appreciated. trying to backup some old VHS tapes I don’t want to lose if my VHS player packs up.

  113. Martin Says:


    I’ve installed my EasyCap onto Dell Latitude D410. Shows ok in device list but sound is intermittent?
    Also what are the best capture setting to convert vhs to dvd for standard TV UK?


  114. George Says:

    I install it fine then it finishes, good. I then click on the desktop icon that said “multiviewer” . When i click on that it pops up and sais ” not found valid video capture device!” What can i do?
    please help me

  115. Mark Says:

    I Installed the easy cap, the set up is perfect, I youtubed it and googled it and there’s nothing wrong, the picture on my computer is in colour, however its black and white on my TV, I’m using scart by the way please help, no one can play cod in black and white :)

  116. Alex Says:

    hi it says when I install the driver software installation that
    please consult with your device manufacturer for assistance this device installed then it says on USB 2.0 video capture controller Wizard cancelled by user but I did not cancel it how do I fix this

  117. isambard Says:

    incase the url on the above post gets blocked just google
    “easycap drivers” and the yahoo answers post dated 4 Jan 2009 will have a link with the download in it. best. Isambard

  118. john halford Says:

    I have just purchsed a an easycap adapter but I am unable to install vidio capture controler driver.
    I have windows 7 when I go on line it is unable to find a driver

  119. Nicole Says:

    I keep getting a syntaxamini.sys error message when I try to install the driver. It asks me to search for the file, and when I hit X or cancel, It only installs the uninstall documents. Will someone please help me? Thank You

  120. thomas Says:

    I can not install the driver for easycap on my computer even through the CD. Can you please advise how can i do that?

    EasyCap USB 2.0 Video Grabber

    win 7

  121. Gary Says:

    This easycrap hardware does not have any software or drivers that make it work don’t by one.

  122. Dean Says:

    I guess you get what you pay for eh ;-(

    I have XP with SP3 installed and I had the same message about updating to XP SP2 so the driver would not install from the CD.

    The solution seems to be to install all the software then insert the easycap in a USB port. Tell XP not to install the drivers automatically. Instead, before you start this entire operation, locate the drivers subdirectory on the CD (mine were in drivers\BDA32) and tell XP to install them manually from that location. This seems to have worked perfectly – there are a number of drivers to install and once the video drivers are installed eventually the audio drivers then get installed automatically.

  123. Ian Says:

    Can’t get easycap to load drivers. any help please

  124. Tommy Says:

    My easycap is set up properly, but when i want to record my xbox 360 to my pc, in my ulead program, the box to the left of the screen where i believe the tv screen should appear, is just gray? I would like help pleas, i think it may have something to do with the tv channel drop-down menu? I really don’t know. Help please :)

  125. Lou Says:

    I have a conflict. The package says the model number is DC60 and the CD says DC60+. The driver will not install (the screen says “Upgrade to Service Pack 2″ and I have Service Pack 3 installed. I also tried two driver zip files (STK1160 and DC60+). The inf file on the former is recognized but there is no video streaming when the driver is installed. The inf files on the DC60+ drivers aren’t even recognized.

  126. Lou Says:

    When I go to the “BDA32″ folder and select either inf file, I get “this file does not contain any information about your hardware.

  127. arran Says:

    i am on windows vista 64 and it will not connect the driver to the easy cap :@

  128. MCCAULEY Says:

    i need a serial number to install the drive

  129. Lou Says:

    The STK1160 driver worked with the DC60. I also have a driver package for the DC60+ that will work with Windows XP Service Pack 3 (the file size is 54MB so it is not readily emailable).

  130. mark Says:

    drivers wont work on windows 7 nor will the software on the disc HELP? b

  131. Robert Says:

    I hav installedEasyCap drivers etc. It works fine except the audio is very tinny adn it spoils the video. Anyone know what the cause is?

  132. Mike Says:

    Ok, ive tried this piece of junk on three different computers now. first one just froze my computer. second computer couldnt find an input signal, third computer, it was just pink and green and couldnt see anything. So now the last computer windows vista, i installled the driver but yet, it still says. cannot find driver software…… and i even searched the disc.. still nothin. MONEY GRUBBERS! YOUR PRODUCT IS WORTHLESS!

  133. sam Says:

    hi im trying to install my easycap onto windows 7 but it wont recognise the drivers even with the disc install

    i looked about on the net and found some drivers but my pc doesnt see the USB as a capture card it appears as a composite device what can i do as i really want this to work

  134. rodger Says:

    I am using easycap to capture audio via audacity.
    I can get audio ok except the stereo is lost.
    I know I have stereo at the easycap connection – red white rca sockets but the result on the audacity screen is mono
    the stereo seems to merge and produce a mono signal in both channels
    am using Windows vista
    what am i doing wrong???

  135. Ashley Says:

    Hi i have an easycap but when i plug the av leads into the ports it comes up witth i need a CD but i did not get any type of CD with my easycap so can someone plz send me a download link for that CD or how to get my easycap to work.

    Cheers, Ashley

  136. charlene Says:


    my dad brought the product, i had installed it on my laptotp, however it will not connect to the camcorder so i uninstalled the software but my laptop now has frozen and will not shut down. i followed the intructions and i found that the pruduct is not easy to use and i feel thats false avertisment

    signed unhappy customer
    ps all i found to contact the company is comment no telephone numbers

  137. oreo Says:

    ok i need a driver for a windows vista 64 bit where do i go?

  138. Alex Says:

    I’m using Easycap with Vista and Ulead Studio for capture, but when i try to configure Ulead Studio my system crashes with a BSOD, and I don’t know why, any clues.

  139. Steve Jones Says:

    I have seen so many desperate pleas for help go unanswered on here that I thought I might be able to help. My wife bought me the Easycap DC60 for my birthday so I was ready to bin it but thought I’d try it first for transferring VHS to DVD. As othes have found, the disc supplied didn’t have drivers but I think I’ve downloaded the right ones because when I plugged everything together, using ULead Videostudio, it captured a 3 hour tape perfectly. Sound and colour! My system is XP Home 32bit so I can only offer help for similar OS’s. I’m no expert but if anyone wants to email me at stjon (at) hotmail (dot)co(dot)uk I will be happy to email drivers and share my settings. Must say I couldn’t get a response when trying to digitise an audio cassette tho so I’m going to use Audacity (free download) and a simple cassette player headphones out to laptop line in (minijack to minijack) and see how that works. Hope this helps someone.

  140. myles Says:

    i have the driver cd but the software can not be found, so how do i install it???

  141. john Says:

    Is this compatibe with mac?

  142. packnick Says:

    This ‘Support’ site is so depressing. So many questions and so few answers – I won’t be recommending Easycap to anyone I know because the company doesn’t deserve our support but “big-up” to Steve Jones for doing the job that Easycap should be doing and finding an answer to the drivers issue – I’ll be bunging him an email now!

  143. god Says:



  144. maranajack Says:

    Dont waste your time with support for ECAP. It will not work with Win7 and they are doing nothing to provide updated s/w. Just collecting your $$$ and providing this forum for faux relief of your frustrations…see my previous posts for my experience many mos. ago…

  145. taha Says:

    i can’t find driver for windows 7 64bit. can u help me pls….

  146. Tao Says:

    Hope this will of help to XP SP3 users. It worked for me after hours of trying to get Easycap USB 2.0 to work (to transfer video from VCR to PC).

    This is from memory but I’m confident it’s near enough right – like you, I’m sure, I tried so many suggestions of how to resolve this Easycap driver problem….and I stumbled into a solution that worked for me. Sincere apologies if it doesn’t for you.

    If the shipped drivers don’t work, uninstall the driver and remove Easycap stick from USB port. Download and extract zip file for Vista drivers:
    found via:

    It may not be of much importance but do a system restart. Plug in Easycap to the USB port and when the Found New Hardware wizard launches, direct Windows to the Vista driver folder you’ve just extracted from the downloaded zip file

    I can’t remember exactly but you may have to direct Windows to the 64 bit Vista sub-folder (if the wizard let’s you click the “OK” button whilst in the parent folder then click OK and see if it’s happy.

    I got no more asks from Windows after this and thought the drivers hadn’t loaded. I unplugged the Easycap stick and got the usual device removal sound (the “ding-dong”). I plugged the stick back in and got the USB device inserted sound. But no new USB device acknowledged by Windows in the system tray (bottom right of screen)as there had been (even though it didn’t work) with the shipped Easycap driver.

    However, when I opened Windows Movie Maker I found a USB capture device indicated. I plugged my VCR machine into the Easycap device (had to root around and find some leads with male connectors each end). Oh, and I’d also bought a switching scart adapter which didn’t help initially because it too has female connection ports so can’t be used with the Easycap device, which also has female c.p’s. (hence the male leads in this case. I’m sure there must be a better leads/connection solution)
    I’m in UK so chose PAL/BDGHI in camera settings (Movie Maker) which automatically chooses a PAL setting in “Video Settings”.

    I got video coming through just fine with these settings and was able to record and playback. But no sound at all, no matter what I tried. I looked at loads of web suggestions on what seems another common driver problem with Easycap and tried just about everything but just couldn’t get any sound. The solution for me was to route the audio from the VCR directly to the PC soundcard and direct Windows (Control Panel — Sound)and in Movie Maker “Audio Device = xx Sound Card – where xx is your named card)and “Audio input source” = Line In.

    Well, this is working for me. I have video and sound now. I guess there are so many configurations with XP (SP1, 2, 3 to say the least) that it may not work for you. But maybe worth a try.
    Good luck

  147. Alex Says:


    I recently purchased this from amazon for £11.99.

    I have all the right equipment, sorted out all the settings, used youtube tutorials for help, but mine will only record in black and white. If don’t want to end up wasting £12, so, any help/advise on what to do now??

    Thanks for reading.

  148. Jorge Ross Says:

    hi i lost cd driver for my esaycap…. who have driver or where can download de drivers??


    By Chile.. south America.

  149. guillermo Says:

    tengo problemas para instalar el controlador xq tengo w7 la q me lo ven dio medijo q entrara ala paguina no encuentro lasolucion

  150. Brian Says:

    Have tried for three days to install easycap on three different computers result total failure. Best result green and pink video no sound. looking at all the problems any self respecting manufacturer would be offering solutions, so lets have them.

  151. vic Says:

    When capturing a picture from my video all is fine for seven minutes then a message appears saying that there is a unexpected error then stops this happens regularly after even minutes . I would appreciate any advice on the problem

  152. dan Says:

    i have installed all the required software and connected every thing up but i can hear audio but i cant see or capture anything ? help any suggestions appreciated

  153. Luan Says:

    I have installed the software and bought all the leads I needed to make it work but everytime I go into it it crashes out – why???? I have re-installed so many time but I can’t get any further. At this rate I would have been better buying a DVD Recorder

  154. .Matt Rudd Says:

    Bought a new computer. Driver screwed for windos 7. Since you will not give a driver I will get the state of ohio on you for consumer fraud. This thing is less then three months old and now it’s trash.

  155. Ben Says:

    I have recently purchased an easy cap and installed it yet when i plug it in to my laptop it brings up a blue warning screen telling me there has been a fatal error and windows will shut down to prevent any damage to my laptop… WHY?????

  156. Brian Says:

    Oh Dear…..

    I bought my EasyCAP from the internet, I thought the driver CD was damaged so I found the supplier on the internet and rang the number(s) published. The last number on the list worked, but not to the company I wanted QQC Ltd. in Birmingham. It was a firm of chartered accountants in Lytham St.Anns.

    I did on one occasion leave negative feedback on Ebay and encountered abuse from the supplier, after reading this forum IT WILL BE WORTH IT.. I will first give them the chance to correct things, then refund my money, after that I think Ebay may be asking for my blue star purchasers certificate back.

    I am in the UK but it seems this thing is crapp world wide.


  157. elly in littlehampton Says:

    please help i bought a easycap capture about a year ago and have yet to use sadly i threw the serial code that you need to move on in the instalation process can anyone help please

  158. Haluk Says:

    Dear Easycap,

    i got an easycap 6 months ago, yesterday i began to use win 7/32 and now; no capture, no device, no nothing and no driver.
    For the last 2 hours seeking for your driver and nothing…

    when we pay it’s good,
    when we look for driver it’s sh.t.

    shame on easycap…
    at least write just 2 words for replyin’people the driver will come or not…

    Haluk from Türkiye.

  159. max Says:

    My easycaps sound is messed up how do i fix it?, also when i watch my clip back every few seconds it blurs then go’s back to normal and it keeps doing it how do i fix these things?

  160. S MARCH Says:

    I need the software for this item, can you suggest how I can download it please


  161. connor thompson Says:

    hey,everytime i try to convert my video i have recorded and edited so that i can put it onto youtube it says that ” File conversion failed,
    this can be caused by an unsupported combination of parameters or by a missing or unsupported codec ” got any ideas on how to get this video onto youtube. but i really need to keep it because it is very important. help will be very apprieciated.

  162. INEEDHELP Says:

    in the back off my tv there is; AC power switch, AC power in, HDMI 1, HDMI 2, VGA, SCART 1, SCART 2, TV in ,PC audio, Audio in, audio out where do i connect my easyCap to and then ive tryed to install the disc but it says there is a problem what is this and how do i fix this PLEASEE HELPP ME I REALLY NEED HELP :(

  163. Geeb Says:

    hí easycap windows 7 driver free download?


  164. kevin Says:

    i can not install the easycap capture how do i do it is there any 1 i can talk to to help me out also the dvd that cam with it had the video program and that will noit work with windows 7 so were can i get 1 that will work

  165. Pissed off Says:

    Not only is the device useless so is the forum. Not one answer on drivers. I did not even get a cd with files on it. Completely blank and a usb device that no one can get working. I think I will start a website saying “are there anyone who got the easy cap working.” Wheres the drivers.

  166. Tigre Says:

    Ok, I bought the easycap to use on my Wii. I got the drivers installed and it won’t regignize the colsole! HELP!

  167. A person Says:

    My easycap does not work with my xbox360,i dont know how to plug in the device so it will work with my xbox as my tv does not have the correct ports on it

  168. kevin Says:

    dos any 1 real help us as i been trying to get help for the last few days i got my easycap to work with pal50 but it needs to work with pal60 like it says it should most things r pal60 now so can u help me to set it up right

  169. Dennis Says:

    Bought this product three days ago. Installation CD didn’t work but managed to download a driver from the net. Vista now recognises device (or at least that what is says). Problem I have is capturing anything, the sofware doesn’t recognise my camera, VHS player, TV. Now, I really do not want to waste anymore time on this but need to ask one really silly question. If the green light doesn’t come on, does this mean the device itself is broken? I think the answer is probably yes but just need confirmation otherwise I will spend many more hours trying to do the impossible. Should have bought Dazzle

  170. morne Says:

    I’ve got windows 7 on my laptop and cant seem to find any working sofware on the net

  171. Tom Says:

    I’ve installed the Drivers for the Easycap 2.0 USB Capture Card, and I’m trying to record my Xbox 360 on Ulead Videostudio. PAL is the setting I should be using, but all I am getting is a black screen. On NTSC I am getting a black and white screen. Both have audio though. Please help! Thanks!

  172. Ernst Says:

    Lot of questions relating to my problem here, but no answers? Windows 7 64 bit, cant get it to work. Anyone?

  173. Ray D Says:

    I have the same problem as Dinkumdaddy. When I try to install the driver it asks me to update to XP service pack 2. I already have service pack 3. The process aborts when I press OK.

  174. Devyn Says:

    I have a problem with the color. It just shows green and purple on the screen and its fuzzy or blurry. And also im having a problem with the installation, What is the “Serial Number” when you get to the part where you have to put your information is like your name and your compmany.

  175. Epicmonkey Says:

    Hi guys ,

    i’ve had a problem with my EasyCap now since the day i bought it 3 months ago when i try to install the driver it states windows cannot find it so when i try to mannually install the driver it doesnt find it my easycap 2.0 is showing up as SM – USB 007 is this right?
    If anyone here could help i would be very greatful.

    P.S im running Win7 64bit

    Many Thanks ,

  176. Tina Says:

    I have installed the easycap with no problems but then when I set it up to my video and tv it will not capture the image (it changes all the settings back to what it thinks and there are no settings for what we think it should be), all it gives is a black screen and says there is no input.
    Can someone please help

  177. Justin Says:

    this will solve your problem guys. i had the same problem. well the cd software is compatible only for windows xp service pack 2. so right click the cd program and click on properties then click on compatibility above. once your there check the box run this program in compatibility mode for service pack 2. once you complete all this try to install drivers on the cd it came with. once you install you install ulead video andyoucan use your easy cap hoped it helped.

  178. jay Says:

    i lost my easycap cd is there any way i can download it of the enternet

  179. elliott Says:

    hi i have lost my easycap cd case and now have lost my serial number can i have a new one or is there a way to find this out

  180. james Says:

    I’ve installed the Drivers for the Easycap 2.0 USB Capture Card, and I’m trying to record my ps3 on Ulead Videostudio. PAL is the setting I should be using, but all I am getting is a black screen.

  181. jack sampson Says:


    It seems many people are having problems loading the software – and I am having the same problem. NO ANSWERS or support. WHY DOES THE EASYCAP NOT GET SOME TECH SUPPORT OUT??

    This software IS useless – I’ve spent hours screwing around this this video capture unit trying to get it to work.

    DOES anyone know how to get help?????????? Thanks

  182. David Hefferin Says:

    Ok here goes I have connected Easy cap to my vide & Laptop via a scart lead with 3 leads coming from it namely yellow video, red audio & white audio.
    I have installed the software.
    I can grab the video no problem but no sound !!! What am I doing wrong here ? Also whats the Easy cap s video lead for ?
    Also this thing uses a huge amount of memory, how can I compress so i can fit onto a DVD ?
    It wipes out my hard drive memory in minutes

    Not very impressed with this product

    Can anyone help ???

  183. tatti48 Says:

    what a useless website. all questions and no answers!!!

  184. Ralecia Says:

    I have windows vista and i installed the driver then i went to my computer on the device manager imaging devices and it isnt showing the hole program and then i inserted the usb for the easycap and its not recognizing it can someone please help me?

  185. James Says:

    i just brought easycap 2.0 and it installed fine on vista but when i come to record the video is fine but the audio is very crackly and there is a horrible high pitched noise but you can hear the real audio very faintly in the background

  186. Jamie Says:

    I just got my Easycap in the mail (from Amazon UK).
    But there is no serial number on the case! And I need a serial number to install the video editor! :(
    Please help?

  187. Ollie Says:

    I’ve now plugged all the wires into the correct socket things on the tv, I can hear the game through the computer but I can’t see it, it’s all just black and white fuzzy dots!!

  188. aharon Says:

    helo dir!
    I have esycap I make reciving from video tap by 15 minuts.
    the file out is very long= 4.62G IN 15 minuts reciving?????
    haw I can use comppres it?
    thank’s for help!

  189. Adrian Says:

    hi, ive bought the easycap software and hardware but lost the instalastion disk (yellow) can you help me get the right drivers? thanks.

  190. Natasha Says:

    Got my easy cap working with my sony handycam (video8) and am able to “download” my analogue video onto my computer through Madix videoeasy software. However, when I replay the recording, it speeds up to double time after about 1 minute (it seems as though its recorded like this, ie. 1st minute normal speed – thereafter double speed). Any help?

  191. adam Says:

    i have instaled everything and i just get a green screen on my pc i have tryed everything

  192. Jamie Allen Says:

    i have brought a easycapture usb 2.0 and i have no serial number my m8 on xbl said its supposed to be on the back of the installastion cd packed but not there can u help me please

  193. Nkomo Says:

    I had to hustle to get my easy cap to function. But it did work! Those who are having problems with the device detection should click on the options then select video and audio settings, then select input source…
    Chose then video component!
    Good luck!!

  194. Rory Coleman Says:

    I got my easycap capture card today and when i came to install the Video studio i couldn’t find any serial code please can you help

  195. Alex Says:

    Hi recently purchased a easycap and it is recording in black and white also it is cutting a inch of the bottom of what you would actually see of the ps3 any ideas thank you

  196. Louis Says:

    i lost cd before i installed it were can i get softwere

  197. Joshua Says:

    Hi. I Recently Bought A Easy Cap Off Ebay And When I Recieved It I Could Install The Driver But There Were No Serial Codes To Install The Movie Studio. Can You Please Help.

  198. Tony Says:

    the installation disc ask’s me for a serial number but there isnt one. Please help

  199. josh Says:

    hinmy easycap did not come with a serial number as i bought it from ebay and so can not use the software. Does any1 know a serail number. Also i have a different version of ulead but it cant “open up driver files” help!

  200. Sasi Says:

    Hi, Josh, You open the CD folders and you will find SN.TXT file. In that, you can find the Serial Number for your product. Hope this helps you.

  201. Sasi Says:

    Hi, Tony, You open the CD folders and you will find “SN.TXT” file. In that, you can find the Serial Number for your product. Hope this helps you.

  202. Joachim Says:


    i can get colours on my captures.
    can you help me??

  203. ex customer Says:

    can anyone of you hear your customers. we need some drivers for this easy cap so that we can use it on windows 7.

  204. pete Says:

    when put in my easycap the picture keeps juttering and scrambling everywhere how do i stop this? and i cant put in an input signal as it is greyed out

  205. lj Says:

    Any point submitting comments if no one replies??
    I have managed to work out how to get a video onto easycap, but i am not getting colour. does anyone know what to do to get it in colour?

  206. Geoff Says:

    Dc60++, Win XP SP11. I too had problems with this device. There appears to be no manufacturer or retail support. That’s bad business.

    What I did find is
    a: a USB 11 port is required, forget trying to capture video on USB 1.

    b: The unit works fine using the driver from Terra Tec for their Grabster AV350.

    Just a note on “high quality video resolution” It will not capture 720×576 on a pal signal. The device will only output at 480 lines.

    I hope that helps, and good luck.

  207. Josh Says:

    I baught my EasyCAM of ebay and the guy sent everything i expected (the EasyCam device, the usb wire, cd and little booklet) but after installing all of the things on the CD when i try and run the VHS to DVD 2.0 SE it asks for a product key which i cannot find anywhere… Can anyone help? Thanks

  208. Josh Says:

    Sorry. Right i scrolled up and saw a guy called “Sasi” who had already answerd my question and it worked so i love you sasi thankyou so so so so so much!!!:-D <3

  209. John O'Neill Says:

    My system says theres not drivers on the disk in which can be installed, so i cant install the drivers on my disk and that also means i cant use it. Please help many thanks John O’Neill

  210. Geoff Says:

    To John O’Neil, see my entry at 203

  211. matthew Says:

    Hi i can not fint the product key for my easy cap without it i can’t install the video studios

  212. luigi Says:

    hi my easy cap simply dosnt work
    i plug it in only to find on the capture stuff in doesnt exict and then when i plug it in it says unregognised software or something like that

  213. Edwin Says:

    Hello, i need 3 easycap serial codes because i bought 3 for me and my friends and i didnt get any serial codes can i get 3 new ones?

  214. Matt Says:

    Everything installed but Ulead Studio fails to recognise my EasyCap! Help! I’m using Windows 7.

  215. Robert Crawford Says:

    Hi there I have just bought and installed easycap, it appears to work except when finished recording there does not seem to be anything recorded.
    Any ideas?

  216. Cris-le-nicois Says:

    J’ai essayé d’installer Easycap, sans succès. Je possède pc portable, Windows 7, 64 bits. J’ai consulté les pages concernant ce produit et j’ai constaté qu’il était incompatible à la fois à cause Windows 7 et 64 bits. Nice le:22/09/2010.

  217. Davey Says:

    I take it this product is a con (and will be reported to consumer direct UK), considering everyone who has the driver CD cant get anything off it to work and everyone who has lost the CD cant get the software anywhere online.

    Not to mention that no-one seems to be getting answers to their questions on this pointless forum

  218. Emzy Says:

    Yes Davey i noticed that as well . I bought this and the driver was hard to install and when it did install the software doesn’t recognise the easycap when its pluged in. Sposed to work fine on my Windows Xp but im guessing its so cheaply made it now just a bit of useless black plastick with a flashing green light for £8! Some Help page this is! Also asks for your email so i guess they can spam you with other bad products!

  219. Malcolm Flack Says:


    I am having problems setting up my easycap model No dc60, please help.

  220. Michael Says:

    I was working with my easycap and trying to set it up and funally got it the work and record on the xbox 360 but it doesnt record in color someone plz help me

  221. yoram Says:

    i can see only black and white what should i do to see in color

  222. gavin Says:

    I recently bought easycap through ebay, but on installing I keep getting asked for product key. Cant find it anywhere

  223. Patrick C. Says:

    Ok so i installed easyCAP it worked for the first use after a little working with the setting then the second time i use the same exact settings and i dont get anything i get a black screen with a few moving lines going across ever second. Im running windows XP what do i do?

  224. matthew Says:

    I didn’t get the Serial number

  225. matthew Says:

    When i start Ulead it doesn’t detect the device, even after i installed all the drivers and software

  226. Norman Says:

    Can’t get easycap002 to work with windows 7 32-bit is there an updated driver

  227. nick Says:

    i have an easycap capture card but it will only film in black and white on ntsc and PAL setting, how every when i select secam the preveiw is in colour but when i select okay for the setting the screen goes black, please help! is it because i am playing on a pc monuter with a VGA cable?

  228. John Says:

    I got easy cap to record video games on several different systems, and I have everything installed correctly. (I guess…) When I tell it to record, it displays the “signal is unclear” but I cannot access the “inport source” dropdown menu in the options. When I tell it to record anyway, there is no sound, and when I play my recording, there is sound, but it is very distorted. Suggestions?

  229. derek Says:

    can anyone tell me what the default password is,it claims to have been written on the cd bag but wasnt there ????

  230. bugi30 Says:

    After a long and tiring effort I succeeded to run the driver for my WinXP 32.

    a. I found that many many have the same problem, and I can’t anderstand your policy.

    b. Now, I’m trying to run my video machine with all the right connection (I hope so), but there is nothing on the screen, and of course to capture.
    What to do?

  231. MR B STABLER Says:


  232. raymond Says:

    my easy cap works but if i set
    it at pal:720×576 it is jerky
    and the sound suddenly goas out of sync half way through

    (got any ideas)

  233. Bobby Voakes Says:

    I orded the easycap from amazon and the disk did not come with it, is there a downoad for the disk

  234. Tom Gray Says:

    when i try to load it onto windows XP the driver won’t load so it can’t find the capture card 2.0 so it won’t work

  235. spencer smith Says:

    Ive been trying to use the eascap video capture device to save the tapes on my video cameras tapes. I have it plugged in but cannot find the tape anywhere on the computer, or on the software.
    What do i do?

  236. rajashekar Says:

    sir how to record the total 4 channel record how to possible please send the details i am waiting for ur mail soon sir how to same time record the 4 channel multiviewer easyu cap 4.0 dvr please send the details on mail i am waiting

  237. Toby Says:

    Hey i bought an easycap of eBay and it didnt come with a serial number is there any way you could supply me with one of these =/

  238. Maximus Says:

    I had problems with this when i connected it to my VHS Recorder, all i got was black lines on the screen, but i took note of what someone had said in the forum and purchased a Scart Adaptor with a in & out switch £1.50p (ebay) set to OUT, and change the setting in the recording program to Video Composite, put it on Channel 3. And you are there, it records the picture in Colour. I am using Vista, with onboard video card and 4 meg ram.

    As for the drivers, connect the unit to the USB port, put the disk in the drive, and let Windows detect new hardware, it will ask for the driver disk, let it run and it will install the drivers. It works fine.

  239. Chitown Says:

    i have issues with the driver, it’s just a blank disc! 0 out of 0 memory used for it. although i got it from amazon doesn’t mean i should get a blank disc. i see many many people have the same problem yet no response.

  240. Gyula Says:


    I can capture only video without audio. S/N: VHS2G-###
    Windows 7 x64
    With Google videoview. I can’t use this usb grabber with any video editor… (Ulead VideoStudio trial, sony vegas trial, …)

    Where can I download the lastest driver for windows 7 x64?


  241. bradlz Says:

    i bot this and it wont get a picture. i posted a vid on youtube saying about this and they said that you need to update its so i did and it couldn’t find a update.

  242. bradlz Says:

    this has just broken my xbox why?!?!

  243. will Says:

    i cant install the video capture controller?????

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  245. lucy Says:

    I bought the esaycap few years ago. I formatted my computer and I need to install the easycap again, and I can’t find my CD Key installation.
    can you help me ???

  246. jordan Says:

    i purchased an easycay 2.0 of the web but it didnt come with a disk is there any way i would be able to get a disk

    i hop you would be able to help me

  247. Tahj Says:

    I can’t find my CD Key installation.
    can you help me ???

  248. Tahj Says:

    I can’t find my CD Key installation.
    help me

  249. Tahj Says:

    i purchased an easycay 2.0 of the web but it didnt come with a disk is there any way i would be able to get a disk

    i hop you would be able to help me

  250. Ahmed Youniss Says:


  251. cameron Says:

    need drivers as they do not work on windows 7 it did work on xp wen i first bout it a while ago but now it onstalls everythin properly but no drivers….? can u ploase help me as i am missin beinbg able to use my easycap. thankyou

  252. Retared Says:

    where is the fckn drivers for xp or vista or seven sm-usb 007

  253. Andrew Says:

    Here’s a problem that appears unique. After getting easycap to see the video from the camera, I hit capture and it tells me it “can’t start capture graph”??
    Is this a Ulead Studio problem (the supplied software) or the device?
    Either way, I am about to chuck it and wait for something reliable to come along.

  254. mike Says:

    hi, unable to load software, keeps telling me the product code is wrong, help!

  255. coxxe Says:

    i have bought a easycap video adapter but it did not come with the cd plz could you post a website with the driver on for it thank-you coxxe

  256. G Spencer Says:

    Try to install and find it incompatible with Windows 7

  257. patrick chase Says:

    I lost the cd that came with capture card, can anyone tell me a website where I can download it?

  258. James Schollian Says:

    My RCA connectors are female, where do I get male connectors??

  259. meeran suranjith Says:

    i brought easycap002 4 channel usb kit ,but inside without driver cd, then i cheek another packet all are same without cd, then download driver,then install but work only one input line ,i don’t understand why ? i search web for malty viewer 2.0 ,to connect other cameras ,i can’t find this maltiviewer , any one have compatible this application please send me

    thank you

  260. The Hard Master Says:

    Hi how do I watch video in browser? I use easycap usb. Please someone tell me.

  261. Umair Says:

    when i install the easycap it says “driver is not etended for this platform” or “either no capture device is installed to the computer or no device is in”.

  262. BRAD Says:

    i Need help getting the easycap Software because the cd was a fake :(

  263. jack Says:

    i bought the easycap ages ago
    and i have done everything but when i try to record with ulead or any other programmes i get black screen i cant record

  264. Declan Says:

    hi, i need help installing the Software it isnt working? it says Something @WindowsXP But i have windows 7 need help any suggestions

  265. Cameron Says:

    Hey, I bought the Easy Cap DC60 off amazon and the CD freezes whenever I click ‘Install Driver’, saying it isn’t responding. I can’t find driver software anywhere at all. I have Windows 7 and of all the millions of tutorials for installation; none work.

  266. Lee Says:

    I can’t find my product key. i have the disc but i am unable to find a product key.

  267. George Says:

    I purchased the easycap and I am unable to install or find the drivers on the supplied cd. I am running winXP home can you tell me where these drivers can be found.

  268. kerry Says:

    i brought the easycap grabber and installed it but when the screen comes up theres not pitcher or sound but it flickers when i fast forward on the video player, help please??

  269. jakeslogan Says:

    [Possible SOLUTION] There’s a problem with the autorun on the installation disc.
    The Install Driver link is incorrect.
    It’s directed to the location:
    CD:\Driver\Setup.exe, the problem is the file does not exist.
    The working link should be CD:\Driver\Setup_WHQL.exe
    Hope this will be helpful.

  270. joel barry Says:

    hi, i intalled easy cap a while ago but are computer had a virus (not because of easycap) and we had to delete easycap from the system and everything else. when i tried to install it again it asked me for the passcode but i had lost it although i still have the disk and all the instructions all i need is the passcode please could you sent me an email with a passcode that i could use with the easycap disk. (i have the easycap USB 2.0 video adapterr with audio, i don’t know if this affects the passcode) i need it as soon as possible as i need to record some things to make some montages on my playstation 3

  271. Martin Says:

    My advice to anyone thinking of buying easycap video capture is DONT! .Unless you have lots of time to waste, plenty of patience and money for the extra leads and plugs. I have now had mine for three months and it will still not work. Best bet is to go to a professional with your video’s and get them put onto disc or usb drive.

  272. Robert Says:

    I have my Easey Cap Installed and i can Record and take Snap Shots Manualy.
    I Go Outside and walk aroun and od some mottions and he is not taken Snap Shots and record by Mottion Detecter.
    This this sopouse to send you E-mail when he detect any Kind of Mottions.
    All the LED Lights are on but the Bigger one who i think is the Mottion Detecter is not on,must this one light up also??
    Please let me know.

  273. Rodgers Says:

    Well more and more people fall for these tech scams from abroad. Take care and check out forums such as this before you buy anything

  274. clive Says:

    I do not have a product code can anybody help? Does anybody get an answer to any of these hundreds of questions? Please help, thankyou.

  275. David Says:

    I bought EasyCAP a few days ago and it has installed with no problem and appears to work well. I want use it to download films from a SKY + box since we have upgraded to SKY HD. The old box is out of the system. The approach works fine and the Programme guide appears on the computer, but when you go to Planner a message appears to say it requires the box to be connected to the SKY input. Now that is in the other room and would be very difficult to find a way of linking even if I did reinstall the SKY+ box. Does anyone know a way of fudging the SKY box inputs so that it thinks that it has an input?

  276. Shaun Says:

    Hi I have got easy cap and it will not record sound! I have tried looking at all the vidoes on you tube and have changed the sound setting from microphone to USB and it still wont work please please HELP!!!!!1

  277. nathan Says:

    i received the easy cap with a broken cd
    can i download a copy from a site
    if not how can i get one
    i bought it from Singapore without a name phone or web site

  278. Gino Says:

    I have a problem my Easycap can preview Video and Audio BUT When i try to record i can’t record Audio.
    Can someone HELP ME.On my friend computer with my personal easycap i can record Video and Audio but on my personal computer i can’t.

  279. Regan Says:

    I got my easycap and when setting it up I got asked for a Product key it says it’s on the cd case but it’s not and it’s nowere in the other packaging

  280. Wango Scape Says:

    Ok so i have green lines on the game can some on ehelp Youtube UN gunvideos4ug

  281. cristian Says:

    siete dei grandissimi pezzi di merda

  282. John Says:


    Try looking on the cd itself.

    That’s where I found mine!

  283. james bell Says:

    i am sorry but i bourght a capture card off amazon i downloaded it on to my computer then when i restarted it evreything on my pc got deleted and i lost the serial code is there any way i could get it back.

  284. N.MYLCHREEST Says:

    will not take the cd

  285. Godbear Confluence Says:

    I use XP SP3. I managed to install the STK1160 driver, and it worked well with MultiViewer 2.0. But when I tried to use WebCamXp, I couldn’t get a proper picture.
    Any ideas??

  286. Adam Plumbridge Says:

    I am using my Easycap to record videogames on Xbox 360.

    Unfortunately, my Easycap will not record while the Xbox is in PAL-60. Most of my games require operating in PAL-60, and will ask me to set the console to PAL-60 when I try to run them in PAL-50. Is there some hidden setting for 60Hz, or am I screwed for buying your capture card?

  287. jim Says:

    hi… i have installed easyCAP and i have no colour and sound…!!!! please help!!!

  288. Toby Says:

    I bought my easycap 2.0 from amazoon and i am having trouble intalling the ‘driver’ i go through the whole procedure but i have not receceived the message it says i should: “found new hardware: your hardware is installed and configured use” ?? please can you help?

  289. Lucía Says:

    I am using easycap to capture audio.
    I can get audio ok except the stereo is lost.
    I know I have stereo at the easycap connection – red white rca sockets but the result is mono
    the stereo seems to merge and produce a mono signal in both channels
    am using Windows XP
    Any ideas?

  290. Lindburgh Says:

    This Program is rubbish and a con just to get money from us
    no matter how you try it does not do what it states on the package

  291. Dave Howe Says:

    Hi Guys trying to install easycap using cd DC60 but it says may not be compatible with windows XP can you advise cos I use computer for work and cannot allow data to be corrupted

  292. karl Says:

    @Regan The serial number is on my CD case. It is on the very top of the back and it starts with S/N:

  293. Saul Says:

    I had to clear my hard drive witch deleted everything,i also put the box in the bin so i have no licence key please help

  294. john hutchinson Says:

    what is my product key number

  295. Larry Says:

    I have an Easycap dc60 version 2.1c that I want to install on a Macbook Pro 10.5.8. I tried finding mac software for the product and couldn’t find anything that works. My computer is not recognizing the usb device at all.

  296. reece nunya buisnuess Says:

    i have lost my instalation cd please help

  297. Liam Says:

    When i plug the easycap into my computer and have it wired up to my ps3 i bring up the software and when i go to capture video from it there is nothing on the screen it is just black I really need help with this as i dont know what to do.

  298. PWNEDCRAIG Says:

    I didnt get the cd with my easy cap and i cant get it to record

  299. david libraty Says:

    i have got a easycap capture device but i cant use it, i have the disc but its not working. the windows isnt installing it propertly i think i need driver for windows 7 but i dont know were i can find it..

  300. Nguyen Hoang Nguyen Says:

    i can not using 3 usb easycap (view 3 camera at one time. my computer auto restart.)
    i use driver stk 1160,stk 1150
    os : win xp sp 2

  301. Loraine Grieve Says:

    Purchased the easycap last year, finally got round to trying it out yesterday, drivers will not install on windows 7, emailed who I purchased from on ebay and they sent me a link, great!!!! yeh right the link was to this forum, they are selling these and have not a clue what they are doing, think we should all take them to the small claims court for purchasing dodgy goods!!!!

  302. dion Says:

    hello my screen on my laptop is lagging while i’m recording :S i dont have splitters…..

  303. Regos Says:


    I have purchased an EasyCAP device on ebay but there in no installation code on CD case (it is actually a simple blank white case without any printing). I have checked the contetnt of the CD but haven’t found any file which contains the serial number. Can anyone send me the missing installation code. The sw called “honestech VHS to DVD 2.0 SE” i guess it also Ulead.
    Thank you in advance.

  304. Daniel Says:

    i have my EasyCap set up and yesterday it was working fine with colour and everything but i set it up again today and it is in colour on my TV but not on the laptop screen.
    can someone tell me what is wrong with it or the settings i need to put it on

    thank you

  305. Ryan Barrett Says:

    Here is an easycap serial

  306. Lochie Says:

    does this software work for mac if so which os’

  307. Brandon Says:

    Ive installed evrrything! all works But i have an issue getting audio :(

  308. Jack Says:

    I have put the usb into my computer and I am using Ulead Studio 12 to record, but when I click capture, it only records about 4-5 seconds of video, but still has all of the audio playing along side it. Please help!

  309. jo Says:

    my easy cap wont install it says cant install use disc i do and it still doesnt work please help me

  310. Unnoun Says:

    Do not buy EASYCAP. I have just wasted my money. It records in black and white, if you’re using PAL-60, which about 95% of the games use. If you buy easycap and you want to record in colour, you can only record some cheap Japanese games. RIP OFF!

  311. Michaela Says:

    I have installed the Easy cap, I want to copy movies off my VHS, but the easy cap will not recognise that any thing is plugged in,This would be a really good tool if it worked, can you please help, as we have quite a few to do.

    Many thanks

  312. Michaela Says:

    There is no green light on the Easy cap unit. The install drivers have not installed properly and when I go to install the drivers of the disc, it tells me I need service pack 4? Any ideas

  313. David Says:

    I had the easycap plugged in then i uninstalled something and now it doesn’t work

  314. David Says:

    hi i had an easycap and i had it plugged in and i pressed delete on something and now it doesn’t word

  315. Drew Says:

    When i got my easy cap it was working fine for all of 24 hours. Then when i plugged it into my computer it makes that sound where you plug something in (like a flash drive) and then pull it out. And it does that about 10 times and then stops and it says in the bottom right corner it says “The device connected to the computer has malfunctioned and windows does not recognize it.” And Ive tried everything but nothing works. Please help

  316. adam Says:

    i broke my disc before i could download it

  317. Mike Says:

    Hi all

    i am trying to record a video from my camera but i can only get video no sound could some one tell me if i need a different driver or what i can do

  318. Karl Says:

    my disk did not come with a serial numder so I cant install video-studio!

  319. Karl Says:

    found serial on disk was not clear and instrusons sed it was on the case but now im in black and wight how do I solve this?

  320. Karl Says:

    I’v also got no sound unles i plug it in to my mic slot

  321. Daz Says:

    I got half way through installing software and at the same time a core DLL was corrupted causing other essential programs to fail. We couldn’t replace the file and had to buy win7 to be able to get the other programs working. Now I’m afriad to try it on any machine, reading these comments doesn’t help and where is the support for these comments??

  322. patrick Says:

    how do you turn off gameplay volume via your easycap

  323. josh Says:

    I downloaded the driver and the directx but when I download the video studio it stops about 1/4th the way through and says Disk Data error (cycle redundancy check) can you help?

  324. Giuseppe S Says:

    Hi, I have installed succesfully the easycap usb 4 channels, and it works with the software.

    If i want to use it with another software i can only use channel 2 because of the driver.

    Do you have any solution?
    I want to use 1 channel per time but now i can only use channel 2! So now it works like a 1 channel capture card!

  325. Simon Says:

    I was able to install drivers on windows 7 after searching for drivers.
    identifies as SMI Grabber Device.
    In the captureing software I get only black screen, no picture.

  326. nathan bishop Says:

    Hello there!

    I have bought an easy cap capture card about a year back off of ebay and i went to install the disk today and it said to enter the serial code and reg no. and i have forgotten it [lost the boocklet]
    please could you help me im very stressed over it all?

  327. Gavin Says:

    hi, i purchased an easycap 2.0 and when i first got it working it worked fine, but now i think i did something to all the settings and now the audio is extremely distorted and has a very loud ringing noise and when i select the device in the options it wont even render the video preview. im trying to record using debut and when i select the device all it shows is my laptop’s built-in webcam… aka it will probably show a blackscreen if that wasnt there… i’m on windows 7, if that helps the cause…..

  328. Derek Says:

    Hi, I cannot install the driver on the CD that came with it for my EasyCap. It installs the audio side with no prob but not the video. I am running Windows 7 and cannot remedy the fault with a windows search. HELP.

  329. jon Says:

    i have the same proble as derek i have windows 7 and it installs the audio side and not the video side like error code 28.

  330. dmk10 Says:

    why can’t we find easycap in stores?????????

  331. dmk10 Says:

    why can’t we find easycap in stores!!!!!!!!1

  332. g11 Says:

    I have easy cap and ulead installed, I want to capture video of me playing games on my ps3 but the leads that come with easycap are female type leads and my tv has female s-video output.. do I need to buy a male to male adapter to fix this or is there another way?


  333. Luis miguel Says:

    I have bought the easycap recently and when installing the Ulead video video studio a serial number is needed and it is supposed to be with the package but I can’t find it…. Where is it?

  334. g11 Says:

    serial is 783a2 8a000 05520256

  335. Bob Says:

    Hi, Just bought an easy cap DC60+ and hooked it up to my old box tv and it works fine, but now after I have bought a new flat screen HD tv it will not pick up a signal from the xbox and I can’t even see the picture on my computer. I am using 2 R,Y,W RCA cable with 3 y spliters as per usual. Just need someones help if they know how to fix it or what I could do. Also I have checked that the tv is in standard def not hd also. If anyone could help that would be amazing.

  336. tango Says:

    I also bought a video capture EasyCAP. I installed the drivers from the CD without error notification. Windows XP also indicates that the driver and the device works perfectly.
    But, no software can receive the video signal from EasyCAP device. From Webcam everyone can, however, no software receives signal from EasyCAP. Ulead / Goldvideo indicate that the the signal does not exist or is not clear …

  337. Joe Says:

    I cant record in pal 60 without it being black and white, but pal 50 is fine. Please help

  338. Graham Says:

    I seem to have the same problem as hundreds of others. Cannot install EasyCAP Have the original CD etc but does not install on 3 different systems. Should this be thrown away and go for the yo-data capture card?

  339. johnb Says:

    Had similar problems to others trying to use netbook with Windows 7. Unable to use Video Packager because resolution too low and could not get Windows Live Movie maker to recognise USB. Solved with Device Driver STK1160 Grabber (located in Device Manager Sound, video & game controllers) and downloading free Debut Video Capture Software. Use the Options > Device to select USB 2.0 Grabber.

  340. Hunter Says:

    What’s the point of posting in this thread? It doesn’t seem like anyone responds… Either way, mine worked just fine for 8 or 9 months and then just recently stopped capturing video. Even so, sound is still heard. I’ve uninstalled and downloaded new drivers but they don’t seem to correlate to one another. I use this device for work and would really appreciate any information people have on acquiring drivers/reinstalling without the CD. Running XP SP3.

  341. Karl Says:

    We are attempting to capture video/sound from a Xbox using the Easycap DC60+. Everything is fine playing PAL60 games ie colour and sound etc. The problem is that when you are in ‘capture’ mode and press capture video the duration counter starts but when you press stop an error message comes up saying ‘Capture Failed’. Caturing single frames though works fine. Any ideas anybody?

  342. EasyCrap Says:

    I checked into this site about 2 days ago and there were alot of new posts bad mouthing the easycap, funny, they’ve gone. And still not one post with a solution to any of the 338 problems above.

  343. Robert Says:

    Hi, I started to record and it was going great, but then I got a Blue Screen of Death and it tells me it is with STKcmini or something like that. I installed the 32bit on my Windows 7, which is what I have.

  344. John McKenna Says:

    Bought the Easycap and the CD came with it. When i put in the CD nothing happens and it wont let me try to install it, the CD won’t work. What can i do?

  345. Paul Says:

    Hi, I want to know if there is any way that I can use my easycap hardware as an output device, to show my laptop screen on my tv. I know there are adapters out there that go from usb to dvi/hdmi just wondered if this could do the same with svideo or RCA.

  346. bobbysworld Says:

    when i try to record my ps3 it keeps picking up my webcam and it wont pick up the ps3 any ideas?

  347. Gleb Says:


    Captured VHS footage on a computer is very overexposed and yellowish. When I play tape on a TV it is fine.

    Any suggestions?

  348. Cewmen Says:

    I bought the easy cap 2.0 from amazon and there was no disc at all within the packaging. What shall I do?

  349. JordanK Says:

    Ive set it all up, but im not sure what display setting im suppose to use, please help?

  350. Andrew Says:


    I bought an easycap usb 2.0. I have been using it with my xbox 360 to record gameplay. I also have a turtle beach plugged in with the easycap. Now, when I chat with my friends, I cannot have the easycap record me AND my friends at the same time. It’s either one or the other. What should I do?

  351. Dave Says:

    I have got easycap 2 to transfer old video from video player to dvd via windows vista pc and cant get it work even though i ran the cd and registerd is there new drivers i need for vista-please help

  352. brandon Says:

    hello, ive got a easycap 2.0 but ive lost the cd and recently reset my laptop which got rid of everything ( files etc ). I’m in real need of the software what come with it because i cant find any other software as good as the one with it, if you could tell me how to get it back that would be great.
    Your’s sincerlly

  353. Alexander Says:

    I am trying to use my EasyCap device on windows 7 and whenever I try to use it I keep receiving a ‘Calling Syntec Mini-Driver function “Get” error’. This is really becoming a headache. I had everything working before but all of a sudden it just stopped working. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks

  354. hh Says:

    how to captiure whit corel x4
    accored error open driver failed and can not create the video captiure filter

  355. finn Says:

    I bought easy cap from amazon and the serial on the disc case is wrong it says “you have entered an invalid serial number” Help please

  356. James Says:

    I’ve spent hours on this thing and I’ve finally got a picture up on windows 7 on the editing software. Now I can’t record more than 1 frame! I press capture video after about 5 seconds it come up with this message saying “No video was captured there was no input signal” It has it up on the screen I was watching it! I went into the library and it had only captured the first frame of my PS3 gameplay. please help I’m getting really annoyed

  357. lukes Says:

    is there any software so it can work on mac if so can i know what it is and how to setup and use it

  358. Jack Says:

    Can’t see videoing or capture any Xbox footage on Easycap. Bought ours on ebay in Hong Kong and they said it works on Windows 7, got two now and neither work!! Please help.

  359. stephen love Says:

    Once my Video Studio is open I click on the capture tab, then I click on the video capture icon, seems to search input for second then my PC restarts, any help?

  360. jacob Says:

    my easycap light wont light up i dont know what that means and if i can repair it

  361. Matt Says:

    Just connected this up to my VCR to copy over some video tapes.. Output scart used on VCR but still only get audio on the capture software and no pictures..

    Any help greatfully received… Thanks

  362. Heather Says:

    I hve connected easycap to computer from my vcr player after setting up with disc and it opens on screen but when I try to capture nothing happens. I am not very computer savvy but I think I have done everyting correctly but nothing works. Could it be that I am running Windows 7? If that is the problem what can I do to fix it?
    Hope you can help. Thanks

  363. mrx2525@googlemail.com Says:

    Hey, I do not know how to make my Easy Cap record my xbox, I have no software or drivers, what software/drivers do I need and thanks.

  364. Bobbi Says:

    I bought the EasyCap off Amazon recently and attempted to install the video software but when I enter the serial code it says it’s wrong. Any ideas?

  365. Bobbi Says:

    ^^ignore the last comment, I just tried again (for the millionth time) and it works.

    Bizzare O_O (but I’ll take it)

  366. joel barry Says:

    hi i have purchased your software along time ago, now i am trying to install the software yet again on a different laptop (the first time worked well) my actual capture card broke and so i brought another off of ebay(i did not want to spend £20 pounds on a new capture card so got one second hand) and now will not let me completly install the software, only paart of it for some reason would you be able to advise me on that and email me. i have also herd that their may be a new version of the software, the disk name is DVD RW Drive (E:) DC60+ . im unsure on the version of the software at the moment, if you want to know this the please email me how i am able to do this, thanks. so can you tell me what is wrong with what im doing, do i need something else, where can i get it if i neeed it and how much it will be (as im a young teenager (just turned 13) i have little money to spend at the moment and i am rather busy on youtube at the moment so please can you help me as soon as posible, thank you so much for reading :)

  367. felix old Says:

    i have got easycap002 USB 2.0 DVR and have set it up however i am not getting any color on my PC only black and white (with the soft where provided)so what should i do ???

  368. e lowes Says:

    have loaded the vhs-dvd software and the driver supplied but neither of my p.c. one has xp and one windows 7 is recognising the driver software what do i do now?

  369. Ben Says:

    I bought an Easycap a few months back and I can’t seem to find a good video studio software to film with. I have tried ULead which came with it but it never opened, I tried AmCap but the trial expired and then I tried Debut but that didn’t work either. Could anyone recommend a software which is free?

  370. TopKill Says:

    Listen when I try to install Video Studio, it will get half way there, then it will say DATA ERROR “Cyclic Redundancy Check”. And will exit out of it and wont install?! Is there another Video thingy that will work , or is there any thing I CAN DO HELP

  371. Nad Says:

    There are 367 peoples with problem wit Easycap, is there any one from easycap company to answer or solve those problem, or they are busy selling.

  372. Paul V Says:

    I advise people to return the product to the place of purchase as there is no one interested in your complaints. I bought this rubbish 3 months ago and finally got it installed only to find it only shows video, but no record or capture.

  373. Matthew Horton Says:

    My computer sees my Easycap as a “usbtv007″, instead of what it’s supposed to be. How do I fix this?

  374. Eudes Rocha Says:

    My computer sees my Easycap as a “usbtv007?, instead of what it’s supposed to be.
    The driver stk1160 do not compatible.
    How do I use o driver stk1160?

  375. Pissed Off Says:

    This is a piece of junk. Wish I had done more homework first. I’m sending it back with a nasty letter and a BAD review from where I bought it.

  376. scott Says:

    I have just set it up and to install video studio you have to use a serial code but it didn’t came with it

  377. Dudley Says:

    This thing is rubbish. Intalled it, plugged it in and nothing is happening. I wont my money back!!!

  378. Ged Says:

    Mine worked on windows XP but not on windows 7 32 bit. This can only be driver problem so why not let us know where to get it or another solution. UTHERWISE THIS KIT IS RUBBISH

  379. Den Says:

    Do Not Buy biggest piece of junk does not work W7

  380. Alex Says:

    I have windows 7, easy cap seems to work except the sound is always out of sync. Useing Nero 6. Useing VLC everything appears ok except the file size is masive. Is it a driver problem or what software would anyone suggest

  381. John Says:

    Bought it, installed it.
    IT DOES NOT WORK! Got snotty reply from supplier!
    Will publish his details if no satisfaction in a reasonable time – watch this space.
    No doubt this comment will be deleted!

  382. John Says:

    Further to my comments @ 378 – I have tried to join the Forum so as to try for some satisfaction – can’t even get on that!

  383. Ken Jenkins Says:

    I have found the easycap very good, however I have tried to convert a Vide0 to DVD and found that
    when I try to burn it to Disc
    it says there is not enough space
    on the disc, yet I have used it before and found I could a put
    large video’s on the disc.
    How can I make sure that when I copy the original Video the data
    is compressed, what settings
    should i use?

  384. Pedro Faria Says:

    Please need Win XP sp3 driver for easycap, its possible ?

  385. Bruno Riemma Says:

    install it fine then it finishes, good. I then click on the desktop icon that said “multiviewer” . When i click on that it pops up and sais ” not found valid video capture device!” What can i do?
    please help me

  386. erental Says:

    Hi! I bought usb 2 video adapter version3.1A.My computer has windows 7. When I try to install the driver the computer requires me “please update your win-2k version to service packet 4″. What should I do?

  387. douglas Says:

    i have a netbook, have any place in the web for i download the driver and softwares? thank you.

  388. JULIO Says:


  389. erental Says:

    You do not help

  390. Jord Says:

    Hey guys I am running this through quite a complicated set-up because I am running my X-box on my PC monitor. I have got all the stuff and I just get a black and white image that flickers. Also my audio is fine. I have tried through S-video and Composite. Any suggestions?
    P.S I got the DC60 but got weird software with it. Instead of U-lead. Its the same looking disk as the others but has like some weird software with it, however its not a software problem because I use virualDub and that has the same results. Any help will be much appreciated!

  391. Hamish Towgood Says:

    I just bought this device.. trying to capture an NTSC tape (NTSC and PAL Playback on my VHS Player is good).

    Its only coming through as Black and White in Ulead VideoStudio. I can’t get any audio either.. it keeps picking up my inbuilt computer microphone.

    So much for Easy?

  392. ant Says:

    please help me i recently upgraded to windows 7 ultimate befote my easy cap recorded my ps3 fine but now it lags so much you carnt see wats going on on the screen please help me

  393. ant Says:

    before not befote

  394. Gerry Says:

    How do I see the answers posted to the questions above?

    I cannot figure out how to set my Video Input Source to S-Video in Ulead … the field is greyed out and does not produce a drop down list.

  395. Nabeel Says:

    i have installed everything but still there is no image coming into my video recorder in my pc. How do i get it

  396. Luigi Says:

    Ho letto tutti i messaggi, visto
    che nessuno è riuscito a darmi una spiegazione, ho provato ad escludere il programma antivirus.
    Ha caricato perfettamente i dryver
    quindi ho provato ad eseguire un SVCD per foto e sono riuscite perfettamente. Non sò se sia la strada giusta, ma oer me è andata bene.

  397. Jake Says:

    Need Some F#$#@ng HELP!!!

    i bought the easycap to use it with my PS3 i have the cd and the usb with the plugs and i bought also a hdmi with a red yellow and white to plug it to the female of easy cap i setup all the drivers on windows 7 64bit and i load the program i turn the ps3 and i dont see anything on my laptop its dark.

    Also If its possible to use sony vegas was the capture card for it

    Pleaseee Help Meee

  398. Louis Says:

    hello,i lost the cd with the drivers on it i need help :D

  399. Cavran Says:

    For my university project,I have to know what the processing time between taking the video data and its being ready to be sent by usb port is. Can you please inform me as soon as possible. Thanks

  400. Harry Says:

    FORUM dead..!! please fix it.. thanks..!! :)

  401. andrew Says:

    Hi all, i own a EASYCAP DC-60 c/w cd driver disc, had for a while, now bought a new pc – windows 7 64bit and this appears not to work, loaded an reloaded 4,5 times an no joy.

    Looking for a driver programme for windows 7 64 bit.

  402. cody Says:

    I have lost my easycap social security number i think its called it came with my easycap disk but i through the case away and that was where it was on. So when i got a new computer i couldnt get it back please help

  403. RiffRaff Says:

    I got an easycap usb dc60, trying to record my videos on to DVD, am in australia, select pal in the settings, but when pushing capture,i get an error message sayin unexpected error incorrect funtion. any one know what that means?

  404. dom Says:

    iv plugged my eascap in correctly and everytime i open up the software to record(arc soft) it just say ‘the device is not available and is being used by another apllication yet i have nothing else up. the easycap’s lights green and im at wits end with it as iv just got

  405. ROBERT Says:

    Hi i bought easycap to transfer some videos onto the computer.
    it is supposed to be installed but when i click on capture it tells me no device connected when there isprinted off quick installationguide and some of the pictures of screens im supposed to have are different to what i acctually have on my screen
    please help

  406. hayden Says:

    i have downloaded the easycap stuff on to my pc i am using movie maker 6, how do i star recording with it by using windows movie maker 6 for windows vista?

  407. Matias Says:

    Hello, when i have plugged in the easycap, the screen ulead movie wizars is black, and when i pressed
    capture video it stood, no signal, or signal is unclear. What shall i do?

  408. Zander Says:

    Hi, i have lost my EasyCap 2.0 – model dc60 – version 2.1c – installation & application software disc – can you email me the stuff so i can use my usb again please

  409. my hardware Says:

    hey i have the adapter and everything and i install the drivers but when i clik on the insatll aplication it comes up with a load of ???????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????? can u help with this question mark error

  410. Leo Says:

    Hi, I installed the driver and Ulead Video SE DVD. When I start the Ulead and select the EasyCap Capture fails and the program closes. What can I do? I have Windows 7 Professional.

  411. joao carlos Says:

    tenho a easycap versao 2.1c funciona no windows xp mais no meu windows 7 32 bits nao vc tem alguma atualização para me mandar, ou onde eu possa baixar alguma atualização pois nao quero formatar minha maquina

  412. Boffeloffe Says:

    What a peace of shait this is!

  413. Roy Lores Says:

    Is too bad that support for the device fan based or not is not existent.

  414. F3ARz_Lord Says:

    I can’t install the easycap. It wont’t install correctly. I have tryied looking for solutions in youtube and they say my problem is that i have windows 7. I tryied with the drivers they (youtubers) provide but it still won’t work even when i uninstall the driver that comes with the disc. What can I do?

  415. Woody Says:

    I just wanted to post on here a solution to the lack of sound on recordings, or a loud ‘pop’ sound at the beginning and end of each recording.

    When I installed EasyCAP, 2 days ago (Windows 7), there didn’t appear to be any sound recorded. After much searching on the web using a well known web search site, I found that the computer wasn’t set to ‘listen’ to the EasyCAP device. I followed the instuctions to amend this. Right click on the speaker symbol in the system tray (bottom right), choose recording devices, select the ‘USB Audio Interface’ item listed, double click on this or highlight and click properties. On the ‘Listen’ tab, make sure there is a tick in the ‘Listen to this device’ box, Click ‘Apply’ then ‘OK’. The EasyCAP device needs to be plugged in and installed to see this option in the recording devices window.

    Doing this allowed me to hear the audio being input through EasyCAP through the PC speakers, but I still couldn’t hear anything on the recordings, with a loud ‘POP’ at the beginning and end of each recording. I couldn’t find a fix for this on the net, only many others experiencing the same issue. After a lot of fiddling, I managed to find a solution (worked for me at least).

    As above I went into the recording devices menu and chose the ‘USB Audio Interface’ once again. On the General tab i changed the name from ‘Microphone’ to ‘EasyCAP’ (personal choice to differentiate the item in the list, no affect on fix), then on the ‘Levels’ tab, reduced the value down to 5%. Click ‘Apply’ the ‘OK’.

    Back on the ‘Recording Devices’ table, the Green Bar to the right of the ‘USB Audio Interface’ item (input level of device) was reduced from full to half-way up the the bars. Therefore the input volume was maxing out and thus was reduced to a sensible level.

    The 5% i mention may need to be adjusted for your specific computer and I by no means guarantee this will fix the audio issues you are having with EastCAP. But it did work for me and I hope it can be of some help to some of the people experiencing problems with this issue.

  416. ivan Says:

    i bought an easycap usb to transfer old vhs to pc.I only can see in B&W not colour, my system is PAL N, how i can solve? My serial number of CD is:

  417. fj Says:

    this must be the crappest software/hardware around!! no support or software


  418. alex Says:

    how do i connect easycap to my tv i dont think i have input and output all i have is component in 1 and video in 1 and video in 2 so how do i do that?

  419. shabeer pt Says:

    this must be the crappest software/hardware around!! no support or software

  420. Sam Says:

    I got EasyCap working fine.

    For starters you should probably use VirtualDub instead of Ulead VideoStudio.

    Plus you can capture audio seperately.

    For more info, check my blog. (www.canihaveago.co.uk)


  421. Eyal Says:

    Hi! I want to convert vhs 180min to 4.7gb disc in the best quality, what settings i should put?

  422. matheus Says:

    driver win 7 64..where i find?

  423. pranay Says:

    i have bought easycap device and installed in windows vista, the easy is working properly, but now i installed in windows7 the device is appearing in the flash media live encoder, but when i selected the easycap usb2 grabber device the window is completely closing. can any body solve it…..

  424. ehsan Says:

    can i connect my laptop directly to a CCTV camera through easy cap with out any dvr please answer

  425. Tzadok Says:

    Hi I install the EastCAP on my XP computer I get good picture but when the system start capturing(recording) after maximum 2 minutes I get an error “Unknown error” and the capturing

    Please advise what to do

  426. Cédric Says:

    is that it can record video on pc?

  427. vidcap Says:

    Woody same problem as you. Tried fixes but still get an error “check input line ++++++++ or similar” weird part is that with “listen” ticked the sound plays through speakers perfectly, just nothing on the capture side even when reducing to 5%. Anyone?

  428. cameron Says:

    I am in uk I use pal 60 but it is not working I am trying to record some xbox 360 game play

  429. John C Says:

    I an having a problem with the quality of the video ???
    The VHS tape plays OK when it is on my TV, but when I try to copy the same tape onto my PS, the video look’s as it the tracking is out, but I know that this is NOT the problem.
    Any one know how to FIX this ???

    Bye from John C


    Driver can not be instaled!! and it is yhe original cd “EASYCAP 2.0
    MODEL nO.: DC60

  431. luis Says:

    buy your product but drivers do not work on my windows 7 64 bit the easycap appears with the name sm-007 usb


  432. Cewmen Says:

    I didnt get a disk with my Easycap 2.0, is there any way that I can get the correct software for free/low cost?????

  433. Cewmen Says:

    I am using a 64bit system, and I cant return teh easycap as I have sad it too long.

  434. hugh Says:

    Does this item work if im simply trying to copy vhs tapes from vcr to a blank dvd in computer ? Trying to avoid buying a dual vcr/dvd machine and dont really want to make movies or do much editing.

  435. Isabel Says:

    have everything working fine but captured file sizes are enormous anybody any idea how to overcome this?

  436. Richard A Says:

    Link for drivers?

  437. Tomasz Says:

    I have Win 7 64 Bit. The EasyCap software does not work or install the correct drivers. Downloaded W764Bit drivers as suggested on number of forums. The best I get is video, but no sound. Any ideas?

    My laptop: Alienware MX17 R3 (with top hardware options)

  438. Moises Rivera Says:

    I purchased my easycap and have tried to install the drivera on my desk top and on my laptop. On both the drivers do not install and when I try to install the software on the CD I am aked to enter the security code that should appear on the CD envelop yet there is non.Did I just wasteed my money?

  439. Ian Says:

    I have EasyCap Capture. It registers on my computer which has Windows 7 but not at all on my wife’s which has XP. I bought it for her use so it is currently useless. I do not want to load it onto my machine in case I invalidate warranty. Where do I go from here?

  440. MARTIN PIURA Says:


  441. charlie Says:

    no picture will come up yet i have followed many tutorials and ordered plenty of things for it ! :(

  442. Jordan Says:

    I seem to have lost my EasyCap CD with the software needed on it, is there anywhere I could get the software again?

  443. CoconutJones Says:

    I purchased an Easycap, and it worked perfectly fine for about four weeks. I then went to plug it into my PC, a small message appeared at the bottom right corner of my screen displaying that the ‘USB device had malfunctioned’
    from that point on my Easycap isn’t detected by the computer. I plug it into the USB port, the small green light on the devices turns on, but in no way does my computer acknowledge or recognise it.
    Is there any way to fix this, or do I have to purchase a new one?

  444. Steve Arnold Says:

    just boought easycap and I have a messed up picture, color is bad horzontal lines in the picture very poor quality picture any help would be nice using windows 7 64 bit.

  445. merlin234 Says:

    I have recently changed from Xp to W7. My transferts from my Canon XM2 (DV) to my computer worked very well, so did the transferts from my VHS vamera to the computer. After the change, EasyCap does not recognize the cameras. Can you help? Thank you.

  446. thin Says:


    I can not install the driver for easycap on my computer even through the CD. Can you please advise how can i do that?

  447. thin Says:

    I purchased 2 USB2.0 easycap, but
    I could not install the driver for easycap on my computer even through the CD. Can you please advise how can i do that soon?
    My computer: Window7, 4GB ram, harddisk 150GB available.

  448. Neil Says:

    Hi, i’ve got ulead videostudio 10.0 with easy cap video card. I bought it to use through my xbox. The device is recognised with the pc, but i can only veiw a black screen. I used the yellow, red and white ended cables, and haven’t used the other one. Will i need to buy the adapter for this other cable bit? audio is working. Thanks.

  449. harvey Says:

    when i plug in my easy cap i get it up to play on my scream but it is fuzzy and unclear help me?

  450. Yaser Says:

    can i use easycap to open and watch Tv from RG and change channels

  451. Christopher Says:

    I bought an easycap usb capture device recently and the disk with the software was cracked and unusable, is there anything I could do get another disk?

  452. tony Says:

    ‘I cannot install software as it asks me to install xp version 2 pack, then aborts although I have version 3 already. Is there a way around this ?’

    This is my problem too and this seems to be a common problem.

    When are we going to get an answer?

    Is it all a con?

  453. Paul V Says:

    It’s all a big ripoff don’t buy it and warn everyone you know. A major electronics dealer here removed it from stock because of it’s faults. Having said that I think a smart person could make a fix for it.

  454. alexej Says:

    Can’t install driver on Windows 8. But I think that same driver as for Windows 7 should work…

  455. justin Says:

    Haha – you people are still wondering why your easycap devices aren’t working? Look at the forum problems, there has been driver issues from 2009 and there is no download from this site! It’s clearly a con, none of their products work :o ) they did alright though – $6 from everyone here. Not bad for amateurs.

  456. mozila fire Says:

    Incredible! This blog looks exactly like my old
    one! It’s on a entirely different subject but it has pretty much the same page layout and design. Superb choice of colors!

  457. Eric Says:

    Im so mad right now! I have bought this thing for capturing xbox 360 gameplay this is unbelievable! i plug it in my computer and no green light shows up so i go to the sources and i click the tv one and it goes to my webcam!! UGH!!!!!!!

  458. laura Says:

    What kind of forum doesnt have answers as well as questions!!! i bought this and the softwar isnt instaling for some reason!

  459. Luis Says:

    please help when i go to capture in the video Studio Editor then i click capture video it shows this message.

    Unable to switch to Capture Mode.
    Check if your capture driver is working properly.

    Failed to build a preview graph.

    Can you please help please thank you

  460. Steve Says:

    My CD spins up and down several times and then ejects with a request to load a cd. What is happening?
    How can I solve this?

  461. julie j Says:

    I have in the past converted my videos from my camcorder to dvd with success but now I want to convert home videos shown through the tv to dvd. It won’t work, instructions say pal m,n,b,d g,h i what do I use? Also keeps saying lines detected 625 will not let me tick the box for video also says will start recording when playing the vcr but it doesn’t help

  462. Ted Says:

    When the easycap arrived I went to get the disk out but it had snapped.

    Anywhere I can get the drivers for it?

    disk says model number: d60++ version 2.1c


  463. Angus the rottweiler Says:

    received this package to convert my pass out videos to dvd. however the disc spins up then does nothing !!! is there a link for download of this software ???
    please help i dont want this video to die before i get chance to do this !!m

  464. mali123 Says:

    when i go to capture videos using easycap its sai ” failed to preview and no device ” found what should i dooooo…plzzz help me

  465. Esli Says:

    please help me I’ve tried to install hardware and software CD but it keeps coming up with:windows could not find driver software for your device error!!!

  466. Kieran Says:

    How do I sort out the audio for my Easy Cap? (The software I use is Ulead Video Studios) Help would be good! Thanks :)

  467. Callum Says:

    I have Easycap set up i go on to the software to view whats on my screen and it just flashes with whats on my tv screen on my laptop Why is that and how can i solve that problem ?

  468. Jacob Says:

    I use easycap to record my ps3 BUT i go on software and the screen is the only part of the ps3 that shows, i cant use the soumd function and whenever i actually tell it to the ticked box unticks itself. help?

  469. Nonna Says:


    I’ve purchased East CAP DC 60. Unfortunately the installation disk envelop with the serial number lost and now I cannot reinstall the software. I do have the original disk, but want to obtain
    1) software update for DC 60 (if exists)
    2) Installation Key

    Thank you

  470. zain Says:

    i need serial key of easycap dc 60

  471. Isaiah Says:

    Pls i need the setup for easycap, easycap 2.0 is not installin on window 7. i need help.

  472. strony www Says:

    Ηi, I dеѕiгe to subscribe for
    this weblog to obtain most uρ-to-ԁate updatеѕ, sο whеre can i dο
    it рlease aѕѕist.

  473. Howard Jones Says:

    Have install the drivers and the USB device. The drivers appear to have installed properly. I have plugged in my son’s XBOX360, we’re getting audio but no video. Have tried the ULEAD program and Virtual dub. Both deliver video from the webcam but not the USB (xbox), as stated audio only. Also, no product key enclosed for the software. Regards

  474. ed Says:

    I have problem with this.
    after installing and connecting.
    when loading up honesttech 2.0 software, it says:
    1. recording source is through usb
    2. audio capture is through usb
    3. the window below doesn’t display what i’m recording.
    basically it’s not recording to harddrive, please help

  475. Ariq Says:


    I tried installing the driver off the disk but when the first thing loaded up, a alert came up saying ‘please connect the video device to the computer, and wait for it to install’ but I needed the driver for the device to install. So I don’t know what to do, s could u please help me out!

  476. José Lúcio Says:

    it is possible to use 3 USB EasyCap to view cameras on the same pc? I can see both simultaneously, but when I open the 3rd EasyCAP the image does not appear.

  477. Hildegarde Says:

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    than that, this is excellent blog. A great read.
    I’ll definitely be back.

  479. carlos grene Says:

    quiero pasar viejas peliculas en vhs en pal-n, pero no logro verlas
    en color y por lo tanto las grava
    tambien en blanco y negro.Hay alguna solucion o es porque las
    peliculas originales son de hace mas de 20 años (algunas)o falta
    algun driver

  480. Winrar Free Download Says:

    Hey there would you mind letting me know which webhost you’re working with? I’ve loaded your blog in 3 completely different internet browsers and I must say this blog
    loads a lot quicker then most. Can you recommend a
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  481. sevki kaylav Says:

    Wherecan I find drivers for Vista. The disk that came with the EasyCAP does not support VISTA drivers.

  482. DiggyDave Says:

    Been trying to install this now for hours!!!! it’s doing me head in!!! Please how can i install to windows 7??? :0(

  483. daniel miller Says:

    im struggling to get colour on f1 2012 please help

  484. pablo Says:

    PAL wanting to capture the image I fill the screen. I have recorded fine but now fails. I get a black bar on the right side and the image shifted to the left.

  485. Melody Says:

    Pretty! This has been an incredibly wonderful post.

    Many thanks for supplying this information.

  486. Julio Says:

    I don’t even know the way I stopped up right here, however I believed this submit was great. I do not recognise who you’re but definitely you’re going to a famous blogger if you are not already ;) Cheers!

  487. Tab Says:

    I really need the driver for win8 64bit. Only Work in win7 can u please make it so I can use it Again for my Easycap DC60.

  488. Mick Says:

    Can see and capture video, but lots of background noise, sounds like a microphone triying to capture very loud sound. So the play back is very distorted. Have played back direct on tv and it sounds fine. Is there a setting I’m missing?.

  489. sasha Says:

    I bought easycap 002 (4 yelow + 1 wihte conector) and I installed driver for windows 7 x32 bit,it works and i have picture but i cannot function brightness , contrast, hue, ……please can you help me to fix this problem.

    Best regards

  490. dobert Says:

    I have buy a EasyCap DC60 (SM-USB 007)Where can download the driver for OS Windown 8 (64bit)?
    Thanks you

  491. Skysurfer Says:

    For such an “Easy way to capture video”, it’s got a lot of problems…I can’t get mine up, either. It will do as it’s told, but how long it’ll take me is anybodies guess…..!

  492. jacqui Says:

    none of the leads from the adapter fit into any of my appliances, neither my Sony VHS video nor my Sony Camera Recorder.

  493. ronnie Says:


    i cant get the driver to install propaly what shall i do

    ronnie waite

  494. Kyle Says:

    I need help..I traded this for a Wii game to my friend…and I’m trying to record my Wii with it. Here’s what I have: The program (Ulead Video Studio), EasyCAP (obviously), an extension cord for my TV, my laptop, and the thing that lets me hook my EasyCAP and my Wii to the TV at the same time, on the same imput. PLEASE HELP!

  495. suomi Says:

    I have in my computer windows 8 and my computer need windows8 64bit driver my easy cap plzz i need link were i can download easy cap windows8 64bit driver thank you if u can help

  496. kieran Says:

    I want help now before i take it to trading standards you have till 7 pm on the 11/01/13 so i suggest you help now

  497. Mark Says:

    I installed EasyCAP on Windows 7 64 bit, and also installed Ulead VideoStudio.
    When I start VideoStudio and attempt to capture, I get a flash of the video in the screen, then it remains blank when I click on capture.
    The driver is installed without any problems when looking at it in Device Manager.
    I appreciate some help with this issue so that I can use the product as designed to allow me to transfer video from the EasyCap to my computer.
    Thank you for a prompt reply.

  498. Joseph Says:

    My Easycap device just arrived in the mail today and I was able to install it with the Ulead VideoStudio software that came with. When I tried to connect my DVD player to the computer through the device, the software was picking up a picture without sound, and it could only play the proper video files (as opposed to menu screens and the like) in black and white. What is causing this? Is it the Easycap device, or is it my computer?

  499. jim Says:

    I have mislaid my software for the easycap. Where can I download a copy

  500. Rudy Says:

    I have 2 kind of EasyCap DC60.
    In Win 7 32bit, the old one detect as UCAP2820 Card, and the new one detect as OEM Capture Card.

    UCAP2820 can work properly for media feed in Easyworship application (church presentation software)
    But it can not use the new one (OEM Capture Card) for media feed. Got blank screen only.

    Is anybody who experienced using easyworship applications with media feed feature ?

    Please help me .. thx.

  501. Doug Says:

    My EasyCap CD came cracked, is there any site to download the software?

  502. Dan Says:

    I just formatted Windows 8, again, and just installed all the programs, including the provided ulead videostudio, but the hardware isn’t being recognised, despite installing a few drivers, not I have had it working on windows 8 prior to the format, I just have forgotten which driver I used for win8 to recognise it… any tips?

  503. dave Says:

    I love the fact that there has no been one answer on this forum since 2008, but people keep posting to it! I am only posting this to get number 500…lol

  504. Adna Says:

    Hey, i have the same error as some ppl in here, that shows only usbtv007. How can i fix this? I’m going to send an email for you to help me =) Or else, i will be buying another product

  505. Todd Says:

    Hi – my installation CD arrived broken. Where can I download the software?

  506. Neil Says:

    i got the driver to work ok! but it doesnt let me install the software! anywhere i can get the software online or what should i do?

  507. shamoon nomani Says:

    dear sir
    every thing is nice except sound video is transferring but sound is not coming please give me the advise

  508. whats the point Says:

    this site is a waste of time on questions get answered we should all gang up and take then to court

  509. fabre Says:

    The CD install doesn’t work. Please help me. Could you send me the install of EasyCAP CAPTURE?

  510. Khaled Says:

    I have just bought new laptop with windows 8 and setup and installed the device software, but the windows cannot recognise the driver
    please help to update the software or tell me how to solve this problem
    thank U

  511. jedd nance Says:

    i brought a easycap ages ago, since then have a new computer, cant find disc… with the programs, is there anything i can do or do i just buy another whole easy cap.

  512. Lee Meikle Says:

    i cant install the driver onto my computer how can i fix it?

  513. Lee Meikle Says:

    i cant install driver please help

  514. Shaun Says:

    I have recently bought my Easycap and I have installed and it either does not allow me to use or it says ‘Could not intailise this capture device’ or it would says Error 10. Any help?

  515. ronen Says:


    i have a problem when i capturing movie i have distoration sound from the intrnal speaker of the laptop
    what to do?

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  518. anonimus Says:

    Excuse my English, you must use the “Run as administrator” and everything worked, bye.

  519. Doug Southern Says:

    Hi Guys
    Is there a way I can use EasyCap
    in 14-9 instead of 4-3. I am purely recoding off my TV, and cannot find where to change. HELP PLEASE

  520. luis alberto martinez Says:

    por que cuando instalo la easycap no detecta el dispositivo el sistema operativo que utilizo es xp y ademas cuando funciona en windos 7 el audio no se oye quisiera saber como solucionar estos problemas se los agradecere

  521. luis alberto martinez Says:

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  525. Bad Wolf Says:

    I recently bought EasyCap USB2.0 for my laptop. When installed I inserted my EasyCap into my laptop USB port and a error came up saying “One of the USB devices attached to this computer has malfunctioned, and Windows does not recognise it.” The recommendation said to replace this device however is there anything I can do?

    My operating system is Windows 8

  526. Adam Says:

    hi ive just got a new laptop and its windows 8 but the easy cap dosnt seem to be connecting correctly to the laptop because it dosnt have the option to record with it on the software can you help me?

  527. luke Says:

    hi there guys, i have paid for easycap a while ago and I installed it all as the manual said to, and now when I record videos, it records fine but I drag it into the ulead video editor and it says this content file is unreadable, what should I do, i just want to edit my videos of my tv. thanks

  528. Adam Says:

    i bought my easy cap a while back to record my ps3.
    my wiring set up was fine, ulead installed fine, but when i installed the drivers the video grabber failed to install. so i tried to update it to windows 7, and apparently it was up to date already.
    but it still didnt work.
    can anyone help?

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  530. Marc Says:


    I brought an EASY CAP Capture card awhile ago but i lost the software installation key. when contacting showbiz creators arcsoft they said to contact you on getting a new key. can you please help me.

  531. Sam Says:

    I have easycap installed it and it is not working does not show anything fromvcr installed disc and device??????

  532. No audio Says:

    hi installed no problem using Ulead studio the video shows up and records so do dvds but i can not get any sound from either no matter if i use rcas s video either through scat or direct feed, (that dont do video either) any suggestions please or should i just throw the bloody thing inthe bin

  533. Leah Says:

    I use my capture card to capture Wii games mainly, and I have everything plugged in, but when I open up the recording software for easyCAP an error message comes up saying: ‘Error in recording.’ I was wondering if I needed to install the recording software again, or buy a new capture card, but if I bought a new capture card the problem would probably just keep reoccurring. Could anyone help me out on this?

  534. Tommy Hansen Says:

    Hello. I bought the entire EasyCap kit with all the cables and CD with it on Amazon. However, I have an Imac OS X 10.6.8 and from my understanding the CD was supposed to be for Mac only and NOT for Windows. Everything is hooked up from my VCR to my Imac correctly. I downloaded the EasyCap Viewer 0.6.2 for mac. It worked okay for awhile for a few days except
    for when I tried to record a VHS tape, the sound didn’t match the video after I played it in Quicktime. That was the first problem I had with the EasyCap Viewer. Then the other problem was whenever I tried to record a pre-recorded video that I’ve recorded years earlier, the program kept closing on me suddenly and I had to keep re-opening the viewer and had to start all over again and again every time I tried to record the VHS tape. I even downloaded an earlier version, but the exact same problem occurred. I read that the EasyCap Viewer for mac is not official. Can someone please tell me what the heck does that mean? Does it mean the software isn’t compatible with mac at all; only for Windows? If so, then WHY are there links for downloading EasyCap for mac version? Doesn’t make any sense to me at all! Also, does anyone have any suggestions on what I should do?


  535. Wayne Says:

    I have a product code on my cd that appears to be too short? It fills in all boxes but one. ?????

  536. Dehri Can Dehrioglu Says:

    i got easycap s-link SL-VD017 i installed the driver but it’s still not working. Where can i find a working driver?

  537. Greg Says:

    Pack has come but when I install the CD it loads “something” that then just boots up my webcam and that’s it. No editing software, no “capture” icon, no nothing. It just loads my cam and that’s it. SO what do I do? Wheres the software?

  538. cedric Says:

    Got to admit it people -

    We have all been horribly ripped off.
    They put a pretty picture up and a fancy looking plug and cables, but obviously no testicles.

  539. Dalit E. Dar Says:

    Dear Sir/Ms,

    I bought easycap and have every thing installed. I connected via the USB the yellow and black to the white (or red). The red (or white) is left free and so is the black as it is not clear where should I put it. When I try to record I get the following message “failed to guild a preview graph”

    I would greatly appreciate if you could instruct me what to do?

    With best wishes.


  540. Nick Says:

    Hi. I have an Easycap capture device model DC60. I bought it four years ago and only now decided to use it. I have Windows 7, 64 bit and I think the Easycap I have is not compatable. I presume the capture device will work but cant find a way to download the driver. Any help please or should I just order a new easycap compatable to Windows 7

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  543. Mario Hoechemer Says:

    brauche Treiber für win 7 64bit pleas help

  544. KYLE Says:

    It says my ezcap is being used by something else any help?

  545. john Says:

    I have installed the software but I have no idea how to use the Ulead program. I want to transfer video from a VHS video machine to my PC.
    Any help greatly appreciated.

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    ma quando vado a collegare il videoregistrare la schermata nel programma Ulead Video Studio è nera il video registratore non ha problemi sono 2 giorni che ci provo…
    Aiutatemi Voi!!

    Grazie mille !!!!

  548. Jordan Brown Says:

    Hey I have an easy cap but I dont have the product key is there a way that I can redeem this key? I have serial number too please help!

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  550. Gavin Says:

    I’m trying to record my 8mm tapes to my laptop, but it doesn’t seem to record the entire tape, the last attempt only saved the last 8 minutes of the tape? Any advice??

  551. Trey Lima Says:

    Hey, I lost my easycap cd and installation code, is there any way that I could have another one sent to me or buy another cd?


  552. Pablo Verity Says:

    I was going to buy your product, but looking at this forum with hundreds of problems that you don’t bother to even reply to, I think I’ll keep my money.
    If you just put up the driver, most of these problems would just go away.
    Talk about the most badly supported product on the market!

  553. tik Says:

    hi, i already had a easycap setup in my experiment.
    i want to confirm if easycap only able to capture video file of 25fps or 30fps? what if my source (camera) is a high quality capture with >1k fps, it will be degraded to 25/30fps as the video output from easycap?
    hope someone can advise and confirm with me, thanks a lot!

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  555. LJ Says:

    I am unable to capture portions of a VHS tape, (Message: Cannot record video, Content is copy- protected) pops up!
    I’ve Open “CaptureModule.ini” with notepad and Added “ProtectOn=0″ but still get message. I have recorded other parts of the same tape with no problem. LJ

  556. Noah Says:

    I bought an easycap and I’ve had no problems but I got a new computer and I don’t have the serial number anymore. What should I do?

  557. Manna Says:

    I recently purchased an EasyCAP capture device and I’ve had nothing but problems. I installed the drivers, but when I tried to install the VideoStudio it asked me for a serial number, which took me forever to find because there was no indication that it was the number on the disk. After getting that successfully installed,I couldn’t use the device. I’ve spent the last two days trying to fix it, I was told to uninstall everything and reinstall it because I installed it wrong (something about having the device connect while installing the drivers), I did that, and now the drivers won’t install at all. I went into the info for troubleshooting and it sent me to a website that is in no way affiliated with the product who was kind enough to refer me to this page where I have seen many people asking about this kind of problem, but I haven’t see any answers and wasn’t sure if the answers were emailed to the people asking or what so I thought I’d try asking myself. Any chance you can help me fix this problem? I really need this fixed so I can continue with business.

  558. Zach Says:

    I was wondering if anyone has a link to drivers for Windows 8 I can’t find any anywhere. Thank you.

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    This does not only happen in the ps3 menu, but also in the games. Please help! Thanks in advance.

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